Monday, January 4, 2010

...Winter Dreams

I really just wasn't motivated to dig out the TrailBlazer this morning, so I decided I would work from home today...

Well, we all know that the best laid plans go astray! I could only ignore those last few decorations beckoning my attention for just so long, before I knew that today would be a 'true' snow day, and 'real' work would just have to wait until tomorrow!

After the last bits of Xmas were boxed I bundled up to tackle the journey 'to the attic' (aka: my fair weather haven / studio). Normally the Attic is my paradise - not so this time of the year - a coat and gloves are mandatory attire! I trudged up, armed with my delicate treasures (on this particularly 'balmy' day the thermometer at the top of the stairs wasn't even registering 15°.... that's WRONG - just WRONG!).
I know there are those out there who are truly enjoying the snow, and I hate to be a 'weather whiner', but my thoughts are definitely elsewhere! Heidi did a post which mentioned the colors prediction for 2010. I am seriously dreaming of Turquoise (seas) and Aqua (skies). Even my After Xmas Sale Shopping proved this to be true!
... I might actually attempt an ornament wreath - hot glue gun version (since these boxes of ornaments and garlands only set me back .25¢ each, and it wouldn't be like ruining 'good' Shiny Brites if I mess it up!), and accent with some seashells, maybe some seaglass!
I know. I know.... "Get over it." "It's only just begun!"

...But a girl can dream, can't she?

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Anonymous said...

we're covered in snow too...i've been soooo dreaming of the beach!!