Sunday, January 24, 2010

...when all else fails

No motivation?
No inspiration?
...decorate a gumdrop tree!

A 'slight' redemption... I did hit a thrift on Friday, and picked up this little treasure. (Wouldn't you love to know 'why' certain things just call to us from across thrift shops?!!)No date that I could find, so I started doing a little research and found this great site on dating globes- REPLOGLE. The closest I can pinpoint my globe is between 1945 - 1949 - KOREA is on the globe (post 1945); FRENCH INDO-CHINA is on the globe (pre 1949); GERMANY is on the globe (pre 1949)... FUN!

1 comment:

Shara said...

I have a terrible feeling that if I had room, I would collect old globes. They are so interesting. I saw a photo in a magzine once of a collection of globes on top of bookcase on an entire wall. It was really "neat".

Love the gumdrop tree - acquired a couple of those this year - might need to copy you, my pal!