Saturday, January 30, 2010

...battle of wills.

We have been working with this WILD ONE since late Fall...
She (?) is EXTREMELY skittish, normally will not let us within 3 yards of her, but now she will F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. come up on the porch while we are out there... if food is involved!!

She only stops by in the evening, after dark...... the last few weeks, in the single digit temperatures, her and I have been having a battle of wills to see how close she is willing to come to me to get the bowl of warmed up table scraps I have prepared for her...

We are within a couple of feet now, and she lets me sit on the floor beside her while she eats - though she eyes me suspiciously and jumps at any sudden move (and is still hissing at DH...)
She is an amazing Mouser though, as we evidenced the other night as she dove off the porch toward our detached garage, and within a few minutes brought us back a 'THANK YOU'...Look at that sweet face... I would love to get her tame enough to be handled and checked out by a vet - maybe by Spring.

DISCLAIMER: Before I start getting bombarded with 'don't feed feral cats!'
DH is allergic to felines - thus I can no longer have indoor cats. Over the years we have been adopted by several outdoor stray felines, and have always been responsible with them (vet visits included!!). There is NOT an overpopulation of strays in our area.


Vintage Christine said...

S(he) is beautiful and you are so wonderful to try to befriend her. Cats are only going to do what they want, anyway, so if she wants to befriend you, it will be on her terms. The fact that she brought you a mouse that she caught should tell you something! Good luck with her (if she turns out to be a "he" I'll be surprised as she just LOOKS female!).

Shara said...

She looks just like my precious Little Lady. She came to our door on a cold February day and I coaxed her in with food over a few weeks too. We've had her eight years and I adore her. Good luck with the sweetie!