Wednesday, December 30, 2009 Christmas leading to a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

...and I'm not talking about our 'snow' situation!

Just baby steps. But, it all begins with a step - right?

My family is not a group of 'self-proclaimed tree-huggers' by any means. Yes -my grandparents came through the Depression, and Yes - my grandparents and parents were all farmers; so I guess it runs in our genes to 'not waste' and 'to be frugal'... But, that's where it ends. Or, I should say, that's where it 'ended', UNTIL people started to realize that the only 'gifties' that REALLY put a smile on S-'s face and a sparkle in her eyes couldn't be bought in Big Box Stores!
Look at this BEAUTY of a sweater clip that Mom & Dad manage to find for me - and didn't Mom do an excellent job in her presentation/packaging?!!

DH gave me my 'newest favoritest' piece of Haeger - a mere 7 1/2" tall vase in yet another 'new-to-me' glaze . I researched the glaze ~ which I immediately knew I would be searching for MORE of!!~ Can you guess the name of it?? Oh, the 'name' just made it even cooler - as if possible! I will try to put the answer below in the labels, backwards!!
So, I guess it is true what they say about leading by 'example'!! I'm THRILLED with my GIFTIES - right down to the 'junk' boxes from my brother 8-)
I'm signing off for 2009. Have Happy and Safe NEW YEAR celebrations. HOPING that everyone has GOOD STUFFING KARMA in the coming YEAR!! 'Catch ya on the flip side' ;-)


heidi said...

Happy Holidays, Svelte!!!

Shara said...

You've trained your family right! Gorgeous clip and a pretty vase to boot. Happy New year, Sue!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Wonderful gifts! Wishes for a happy and healthy new year. I hope that 2010 brings you all your heart desires.
♥, Susan

Laura @ the shorehouse. said...

There was nary a big box store gift in sight this year under our tree...and proud of it!!

Here's to a thrifty and crafty 2010! :-)

Heidi said...

Ooh, that vase is pretty! I can totally see the name for the glaze--very appropriate! Gorgeous.

LOVE the sweater clip!