Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...svelteSTUFFj is LIVE!!!

After about a month of 'behind the scenes' work - our ETSY shop is live again - YIPPEE!! Now, I didn't say it was 'stocked' yet, ...just 'live'.
This time around it is a joint venture with DH - left brain and right brain are uniting ... so to speak 8-) . My sense of 'hunting & gathering' and his sense of 'purging & divesting' should mesh nicely.
One thing is for sure - his photography (banner & avatar) makes mine look REALLY bad... wonder how I can get HIM to do all of the photography... we'll have to work on this one...
USELESS TRIVIA TIDBIT for the day: I just learned that I could put an ETSY tab on my FACEBOOK page - similar to the widget on a blog - cool, huh?!


Vintage Christine said...

Good luck with the venture--I didn't have much luck selling vintage jewelry on etsy but I sure was a good etsy customer! Maybe I'll try again soon.

leanne pizio said...

Yay! For Etsy!
Hey Sue,
I boxed up your meme piece and thought I had saved the envelope from your sweet Christmas card and realized I had lost it. Can you send me your addy so that I can get your piece of to you finally....
Sorry it is so late but I do hope that you enjoy it!

Sonya --Dime Store Thrift said...

VERY cool! I am off to look through your shop! Sonya