Tuesday, January 26, 2010

...sittin' by...

...waiting for things to warm a bit, and the ice to melt
(so that I can safely venture off to work)
...the plows/salt trucks to decide to come to our end of town...
which ever may happen first.I found myself reconfiguring the aqua Haeger vignette (from Xmas - GASP!) that I had been dragging my feet on dis-membering.
I think this shall hold me over until I can actually get to the seaside!

...and just in time - the salt truck just went by!


Vintage Christine said...

Please tell me about the candleholders and the pitcher--they are just breathtaking!

svelteSTUFF said...

ALL HAEGER... of course 8-)
The Pitcher is a recent favorite - Xmas present from DH, that he found for a quarter at a junk shop because the exterior was 'BROWN with years of goo...' - he though it might be a lost cause, but he brought it home and took the Magic Eraser to it (His latest favorite tool!!). TA=DA.... SHINY!! It's a Royal Haeger Glaze of Popcorn textured white exterior w/ smooth Aqua interior - we have several of this glaze that I ADORE!

THANKS for your comments - you seem to be the only one who still drops by to visit these days!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

All beautiful and up my alley. I love that shade of blue, and where did you find those fab silver candles...they would be perfect with my hammered aluminum candle holders...I'm just sayin'
♥, Susan