Sunday, November 16, 2008

...what to do?

Saturday morning was Cold, rainy and dreary... no garage sales, no church rummage sales or Fall Bazaars. 'Saling Season' has officially come to an end in my part of the world. I was up at my usual 6am - 'What to do?' 'What to do?'.

When all else fails, time to be productive!, and what a productive weekend it has been (and there is still most of Sunday left!).

I started by following Shara's lead... cleared and put away all the treasures from the Dining Room Table. It only gets used about twice a year, so it is a natural 'resting ground' for everything under the sun!!

(Dining table with Thanksgiving Deco)
Okay, now what to do?
Since the Dining Room was all cleaned up, it could really use some Holiday 'spiffing'. I considered just passing right by Thanksgiving deco this year and going straight for Christmas, but.... Just couldn't do it!

That's NOT to say that there isn't some Christmas 'prep' going on backstage!!

Friday, I did make it to a few Thrifts for some Holiday Scores!! NO- not Shiny Brites! No - not Gurley Candles or even a Holt Howard Santa mug!


old, mismatched, glass punch cups!! .10¢ each!!

(still on 'drying towel' - sorry!) 'WHY?' you ask...
DH and I host a "Pre-company Xmas Party 'Happy Hour' " every year. To simplify things we just do beer and 'Punch'. The first year that I hauled my Grandmother's HUGE old crystal punch bowl out of the attic, DH thought I had lost my mind. "You know it's going to get broken!" I thought about it, yeh, I'd be bummed if it got broken... but I LOVE using it!! What's the point of being sentimental about something and never getting it out of storage to enjoy?? Over the years no harm has come to it, or the cups, or the ladle (Knock-on-wood) . The original set only has about a dozen cups - not nearly enough! I have gradually been adopting 'strays' here and there - not intending to match the original. I hadn't gathered any in the past year, and was really excited Friday when I found TEN of them!!

Friday also netted two! KROMEX trays for under $1 ea.
.again you are asking
'The Crew' (college bestest buddies) and I get together annually and do a MASSIVE Christmas Cookie Baking weekend. Everyone has come to know and love our cookies, so that is what I am always asked to bring for Xmas get-togethers. I much prefer piling the cookies on one of these charming platters than a disposable plastic Dollar Store one. Same price, so if I don't get it returned, it's not earth shattering! I think the cookies taste better of them too!!

Last, but not least, in my Friday finds was the set of vintage basketweave cups that are in the back on the 'drying towel' with the punch cups. Lime Green! Vibrant Yellow! Sky Blue! I confess, I have my Mom's set of the iced tea cups, and I have added a set of mugs - but NEVER seen these 'pedestal' cups before - do you think they are for parfaits or high balls?? They look great with the others though!!

On the list of 'all things productive'... I also made a couple of meals!! Anybody that knows me, knows that I LOVE baking... but cooking, not so much! So, this is a MAJOR accomplishment! Homemade Enchilladas Sat. night, and as I type there is a crock-pot of chili filling the house with yummy smells - mmmm!

Yeh, the photo is kind of gross - SORRY - but I couldn't resist! My first attempt from scratch... complete with hot peppers that we grew in our garden this summer.

Oh, if anyone out there has a GOOD recipe for an easy 'alcoholic' punch for this years' Happy Hr., I'm always looking for ideas !

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Shara said...

Someone following my lead on cleaning - now that's FUNNY! ;o) I did unearth a turkey platter just like yours in my pile of junk, so that is now on display with my Thanksgiving decor too.

When I didi Hospitatlity at school these snotty rich gals would buy "disposable" platters at Hobby Lobby for $5.00 each and put their sandwich trays on them. I would bring things in on silver and crystal platters and they would be astonished that I would do that (they probably thought I couldn't afford nice things...). Heck, I probably bought them at their yard sale in the first place!

I cook every night. Tonight I have decided that we WILL go out to eat. I cannot cook one more meal or do any more dishes. I may very well lose my mind. Then, tomorrow, it's back to the stove. Sigh.