Saturday, November 22, 2008

...losing touch with reality

Today I looked around our house, and felt a tad schizophrenic (def: losing touch with reality.)

...Inside the house is decorated for Fall / Thanksgiving...

...Outside has been slammed into WINTER...(Poor 'Rebecca' (the fountain) is looking a wee bit chilly!! )

...Saturday was spent making candy / snacks for stocking stuffers... (NOT to worry... My parents/DH &I exchange stockings the day after Thanksgiving!! It is our 'traditional' exchange with the requirement being that all items are 'sale finds' or 'homemade'!! Dad loves blackwalnuts, so I have several 'candy' recipes that I have revised to incorporate them. *Just for the record, in my book if it requires a candy thermometer or 'double boiler', then it is considered 'candy'!! **If you ever find any of the commercial size 'baking sheets' for cheap GRAB THEM - I found these two, new, at sales this summer for about $1 each and LOVE them - Too big for the oven, but other uses are endless!)

...and this past week, I found a couple of stores with their Halloween on sale 90% OFF!!... (ALL of this Halloween goodness - napkins, reusable plastic plates, socks..., plus a bag of gummie candy, not pictured, only cost $1.23 - GOTTA LOVE IT!!)

What Holiday are we approaching? What season are we in 'exactly'?????

ADDED 11-23: Oh Yeh, and as Shara so kindly reminded me... there are random Bits-O-Birthday scattered among all of the other seasons/holidays!!

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Shara said...

I believe we are approaching YOUR BIRTHDAY. Brek out the cake, the banners and the candles. WOOHOO!