Thursday, November 13, 2008


Today's 'Useless Trivia Tidbit'...

While sorting through my jewelry finds of last weekend, I noticed a couple were signed 'MARVELLA'... including one Very Nice vintage strand of 'pearls'. The pearls were individually knotted, so I felt they deserved some further research...


Marvella Costume Jewelry
Marvella is a costume jewelry brand that was founded by Sol E. Weinreich, who began business in January, 1906 in New York, New York. They were bought by
Trifari in 1982. It is now owned by the Monet Group, Inc. This company has been called the Weirich Brothers Company, Marvella, Inc., and Marvella Pearls, Inc. Marvella created costume jewelry, many featuring simulated pearls and faceted beads

...and there we have it! With lineage of Trifari & Monet, I think I did okay for .75¢ !

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