Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...one step forward, two steps back

It's only Tuesday, and this has already been a rather disheartening week...

I have always tried to minimize my consumption of our natural resources. True.- that is NOT the only reason I hit the Thrifts and Garage Sales, but it helps! Lately I have been trying to step up our household awareness of our 'Carbon Footprint', and we have started composting, changing out light bulbs, etc. - nothing major, but 'small steps'. As the economy plumets, my main consoling thought has been, that maybe this will require people to start rethinking their 'disposable' ideas. I think it was.

Then, Sunday I stumbled on this LA TIMES ARTICLE. In other words, The total downfall of the economy is blamed on us Thrifters, Rummagers and second-handers. We aren't pumping enough 'retail' money into the economy.

Then, this morning on the news, I saw that Scrap and Salvage prices are WAY DOWN. To the point where it almost isn't feesable to 'recycle'.

What are they going to drop on our shoulders tomorrow??

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heidi said...

just think about this... what will it cost our children, to pay for our mess??!!! This is the thought that gets me through....