Friday, November 7, 2008

...Times and Seasons

THINGS... They are a changin'.
(EBOR... EBOR... EBOR...)

Queen of 50¢ wrote in one of her blog entries that she has come to "regard the first piece I hear on the classical radio station as an omen for the kind of morning it will be. "

Hmmm.. an omen of the day ...
I started the engine this morning to SHAME Matchbox 20...

until I just looked up the lyrics, I had always thought the first line was
"what we learned here is gonna taste bitter when it's gone"
I think I like my version better. Am I allowed to take liberties?

I've read that people and things come into (and leave) our lives for a reason...
As nice and clever a thought this may be, it sometimes does little to console.

But Hey... what better way to try and clear your head than with a little saling...
I have been bit by the Xmas ornament bug...
I can pass by SHINY BRITES without hesitation (okay... sometimes...), but the slim necks of the POLAND bulbs, and...
vintage indents are a definite weakness!! AND of course orange... purple... lime green... YES, in the bottom left that is a glimmer of orange shining from the center of that indent!!
Am I seeing double? No it REALLY is TWO (2!) medium size GURLEY SANTAS!! ... how much? a quarter you say? SOLD!

For two more quarters, it was out of my power to pass by these two bedraggled, vintage , bottle brush 'CHARLIE BROWN' Christmas trees!!

With this XMAS bug bite comes the realization that XMAS Retail is in full-swing.
As much as I hate 'Retail' for rushing the seasons... I do sell on Ebay, and I guess that makes me part of this guilty 'retail' party. With that said, I am off to bring a load down from the attic, dive into the 'rush' of the season, and get busy listing!!!
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Shara said...

Uh-oh, sorry for whatever your EBOR is now.

Sweet Gurley candles. I had to stop at several thrifts today just to peek at Christmas things. Bought vrey little just one teeny safety pin beaded angel - a little tacky, but sort of cute - for a quarter.

Monica said...

WOW WOW great ornaments and santas!!!