Tuesday, November 11, 2008

...neither wind or rain or ...

First things first...
I am HORRIBLY late in posting the 100 Giveaway Winner... Don't you hate when Life gets in the way of blogging!?! Sarah of The Misadventures of Mama & Jack will have a surprise goody package coming her way! THANKS EVERYONE for your comments 8-) !!

The cool wind and rain of Saturday morning weren't enough to keep me from hitting a couple of local Church Bazaar Craft & Bake sales. The 'Craft' portion I can do without, and I only bought a few 'Baked' goodies... but, LOVE those 'white elephants'!! (Where did that term ever come from??)
The first sale is known for it's wonderful quantity/quality of vintage jewelry and linens. They have tables and tables of jewelry - lovingly displayed and priced to move ( 5¢ to .25¢ for earrings/pins/beads)!!! I have gotten some Great things here in the past, and this year was no exception!!
I won't bore you with ALL of it, just a few of my favorites:
This 'raining cats and dogs' VERA scarf seemed very appropriate for the morning!

A vibrant VERA scarf, retro metal 'Flower Power' belt and A SWEATER CLIP (.10¢!!) - does it get much better?

I also found this Staffordshire England China pin.
I must confess, these pins are another of my 'cheesy' and 'tacky' adorations!

The latest goal for my blog is to try and show some of the various collections which share our home, as I acquire new pieces for them. You've seen my sweater clips, now it's time to show you the CHINA PINS!

Come into the guest room...
The right end of the swag valance houses my China pins...
...and the left end houses my vintage 'tacky-tiny seashell jewelry'... you know what I'm talking about - the pins, the clip earrings, even a sweater clip or two!

Okay, I think that's enough for today!!

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Sarah and Jack said...

Yea! I'm the winner! :-)

(I confess I didnt know there were staffordshire pins.)