Saturday, August 9, 2008

...48 hours

Various members of my family are diverging on our house in 48 hours, and what am I doing?
-BLOGGING! ...and Taking/downloading photos for e-bay auctions! ...and spray painting...

The iron flower stand I picked up this morning while saling, and The 'Moderne' tin garbage can that you may remember from earlier this year...


Voila ~ lime green plant stand to blend in with the eclectic summer porch!

and tres chic chocolate brown /pink garbage can for the walk in closet (converted from a TINY, unusable bedroom!) !!

ARGH!! I must stay focused! I started out good, but when I went down to the basement to do laundry, I had to walk past the shelf that held various cans of spray paint... and when I was picking up the house I came across some things that should be on e-bay NOW...

...and now I'm inspired by a SWEETFINDS blog that I was just reading (because I HAD to do something while the photos were loading!!). She is posing the 100 ITEM PURGE challenge! I'm gonna go for it!! Anybody else ready to 'purge'?? I'll keep you posted on my progress!


Shara said...

Awesome Junkerating.

Jillian said...

Both items look great! You're a wonderful "re-purpose and re-use" inspriation!


Jillian said...

Hey thanks for the birthday greeting! MUCH appreciated!