Sunday, August 24, 2008


...and NO I'm not making a reference to a Youth group at the now in progress NY STATE FAIR!

I AM referring to the lame morning of saling that I had Saturday! Yes, it was my own fault... ~BUT~ it had been SOOO long since this Forty-somethinger had last stumbled in at 3am, that she had forgotten the consequences!! Didn't get out into the hunt until almost 9:30am Saturday morning (2hrs later than usual!!), then the 4H(s) hit.... HANGOVER, HEAT, HUNGER, and HEADACHE!!! Ugh. I did last until noon, but the 'gatherer' in me was just not there. Picked up a couple of things, but not even worth photo-ing... except this cute kitty with the 'boo-boo' paw, rescued from the free pile-o-garbage'!!

After some food, lots of coffee and LOTS of water, I did have a fun-filled afternoon with DH though doing a little 'site-seeing in our backyard'...

I have lived in the FingerLakes for 20+ years, and I finally made a visit to Sonnenberg Gardens... YEH!! (Bonus: They were having their ART IN THE GARDEN show too!)

...and Ext. Makovr - Home Ed. is doing a local house. The family returns on Monday, it was just torn down on Wed., and this is how it looked on Sat.!! I'm NOT going to get into a discussion of my opinion of this TV Show, but it was fun going to check it out and it is 'BIG HAPPENINGS' in our little corner of the world!

Luckily Friday was full of garaging goodness, so it more than made up for 'day off' on Saturday!!

Skaneateles dip chiller ($1);Sun Tile Trivet by Bennington pottery ($2); Old chalkware bunny wallhangers (10¢/pr); McCoy 2 qt mixing bowl and Vino Carafe ($1 ea);some more wire shelf organizers (50¢); fun retro recipe metal recipe box (10¢); Snoopy figure (.10¢); 2 vintage cocktail glasses (10¢); Finland Plate and an old cork board to try my hand at 'upholstering' (50¢)

Isn't it odd how you can go months, even entire seasons, without finding something - then all of a sudden in a 'wave', you find multiple pieces?! Well, the 'wave' came crashing in on Friday with MacKenzie-Childs!! I found these two pieces at two different sales! I found my conversation with seller at one sale rather amusing... She had two different pieces. The first that I picked up was just a stray 'cover/lid' (no bottom). "How much?" ... "Oh, that's a MacKenzie Childs - VERY nice piece! They make Great stuff! That's $10. Do you know how much they sell for new?!" ... Okay, I passed on that, but as she was speaking I noticed another, NICER, complete piece (heart shaped) that was in one of their retired patterns, but not as clearly marked (older/fainter impressed stamp on bottom) "How much is this?"..."That thing? A dollar?"... Done deal!!

M-C square bowl ($12); M-C heart ($1); Laurel Burch bag (50¢); William-Sonoma tablecloth ($1.50)



A sweet, 'unusual' Sweater Clip ($1)!!!

Now, I'm off to the garden... and then get ready for a family picnic we are attending this afternoon!

When my parents were out last week, my Dad brought a few of his creations - these three iron supports that I had 'wished for' during their previous visit. PERFECT for the Japanese tea light lanterns that I have randomly been picking up all summer!!

HAPPY DAY Everyone!


Shara said...

So, where were you until 3:00 am??? I had days like that long ago. Ah, memories....

We have an Extreme Home Makeover house here too. I have feelings about that too.

Sweet sweater clip - love the flowers. I satayed home yesterday but I just read about a sale that starts at 10:00 am TODAY and is advertised as a Father's Packrat sale. Should I??????

Anonymous said...

Party girl! Glad you were able to get out and about even with a hangover!

You and your sweater clip radar!