Saturday, August 9, 2008's all on where you place the blame!

I read this morning at The Misadventures... that today is 'National Garage Sale Day', prior to reading the 8-8 entry, I just about had myself talked into staying home and being productive in preparation for this weeks pending house guests, but hey, it was my 'duty' to go... right?! So I blame Sarah completely!! (Thanks!)
Sooooo..., though I was back home by 9:15 am the 'treasures' abound!
Vintage Large shelf sitter Elf ($1)
(2)NWT linen dish towels (.25¢ ea)
1991 Leo Ward Bluebird ($1)
Iron plant stand for porch ($1)
Leo Ward BlueBird to add to my newly forming collection on my window sill (this is #3) - this is definitely Shara's fault!!
and a couple of cups for my new formed love of TIKIs (.25¢ea) - 'credit' lies completely on Monica's shoulders for this one!!
A WILTON cookie press w/ SEVEN(!) decorating tips - those alone were worth the $2!!
I know the older Holt Howard figurals are worth a lot more, but I am addicted to some of their 60's Retro patterns!

at .25¢ how could I let this signed HH1967 just sit there?!?

I'm afraid that I have nobody to blame but myself for this latest obsession... While questing after my Dearly Desired red confetti bowl, I have formed a new appreciation for larger size utilitarian BOWLS! Here are some of the little strays that have followed me home in the last few months during the journey... RED annodized aluminum w/ smaller blue version; Beige confetti w/ red flecks; Gold annodized aluminum (Love the shape!); and the most recent addition - a tan ROSTI (Denmark) w/ tab handle and spout. I must start purging, but HOW??~AND~

NO, It's not a sweaterclip!

No sweaterclips this morning, but I did score a couple of VERA!! I have only shown one here - either end is a different color scheme. The one I didn't photo was rather plain, and definitely paled in comparison to this one (my newest 'Fall' favorite!!).

found in a pile of scarves that were marked 10¢ each!!!

I don't think this poor pumpkin blossom has time to become a 'real' jack-o-lantern, so I am just enjoying it in it's present state! Isn't it a beauty?!!



Jillian said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about my upcoming 40th! I appreciate the upbeat outlook.

I too, went to garage sales this morning with Dear Hubs. I'm about to show some of our finds...but yours look pretty good!


Shara said...

Terra Studios - makers of the Bluebird of Happiness started making pink "blue"birds earlier this year for Breast Cancer. I wanted one for my collection, but I don't "do" retail. Friday I found one at the thrift for 50¢. It's the prettiest pale pink. There are other names that sign the "Leo Ward's" in case you see them.
Enjoy your company!