Friday, August 15, 2008


Everything got done.
Everyone has come...
...and everyone has gone.

I had a Wonderful Week! It started Monday afternoon, when my parents from the Western part of NYS arrived enroute on their annual August motorhome/camping journey. That evening we picked up my niece from the train station for a few day visit before she heads off to start college (sad to think that this yearly summer visit will probably be the last she will have time for...)

Tuesday was full of visiting, catching up, sightseeing & lunch in Skaneateles, and preparing food for an evening BBQ with more friends.

Wed. morning my parents headed out early to continue on their journey, leaving 'the girls' to do some venturing...
We started out with a 'drive by' of the monkey (the house across the street from a local farm market has a 'rescued service' monkey - look closely at the roof, to the left of the cupola!)

Then we ventured through a couple of the Fingerlakes (Cayuga & Seneca) for a Tour of the Mackenzie-Childs farmhouse and State Park sightseeing... LOTS of waterfalls
...and trail climbing
...and MORE waterfalls
Oh, it definitely was a workout keeping up with an 18 year old!! But SOOO worth it!!
After her departure Thursday morning, I worked some more on the 100 ITEM PURGE challenge. Since my original undertaking of this challenge I have parted ways with TWO large garbage bags of clothes sorted from my closet, and have gotten 27 auctions listed on E-bay...
~now the dilema~
How exactly do you count the items towards the 100 goal... is each item of clothing counted? or is it per bag? or do clothes just count as '1' in general? Do you count things you purchased to sell in this tally??
I'm pretty sure I'd have to subtract from my 'accomplishment' for the 'new to me' shorts I purchased today at a sale, as well as the few pieces of seaglass found during the journeys of the week, but...

OH, I guess 'The Number' really isn't as important as the effort!

I've decided in my next life that I'm coming back as a cat! When I got home from work today, the lazy neighborhood cat (Mia) was CRASHED in this position (yes, she is Sound asleep in this photo - not moving!!) on MY chair...
When I nudged her, to get her OUT of my chair (NO CATS ON THE FURNITURE)... she just rolled over to her side, yawned......hopped to the floor, and immediately resumed sleeping!

Oh, the life!

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Shara said...

We have a neighborhood cat too. We call him K.D, the other neighbors call him Midnight, but his actual name is Finster. He just comes and goes from house to house getting pets and treats along the way. You're right - What a life!