Sunday, August 17, 2008 this a sign of a L-O-N-G Winter ahead?

Sales were plentiful on Saturday!! A local paper had '69' listed on their website (that has to be a good sign... right?!), of those I jotted down about 21 (according to proximity & interest), and from my list I only made it to about half - because I stumbled on so MANY unadvertised ones!!!

Here in the NE, there is no saling to be had during the Winter months. Weekly jaunts to the Thrifts are my only 'fix'. With the 'Hunting & Gathering' that I did this weekend, I'm afraid that it's a sign of a LONG Winter!!

Only a couple of 'really' good finds. The sales were heavily weighted toward 'the pastels' (Kids stuff!). That's Great if you have kids... but we DON'T!! No Haeger, VERA, or Sweater Clips to be found.

The prices people had on things were insane! I can't remember the last time that I stumbled onto so many nickel and dime items!One of my favorite 'scores' was a Red Silicone Cupcake tray - brand new - 50¢! After my last batch of zucchini muffins I had finally retired my old metal cupcake pan to the scrap pile. It had been passed down to me from my Grandmother MANY YEARS AGO... the underside was all worn and left rust stains on everything from the dishwasher to dish towels.... ENOUGH! I have enough treasures from her that I REALLY DON'T need to be sentimental over a cheap P.I.T.A. cupcake pan. I decided then that I wanted to give this style a try, but hadn't gotten around to buying one yet. Some of the other 'me' finds included a Jones NY dress ($1) & funky top ($1), Margarita book (10¢), Grate for cooking veggies on the grill (5¢), HP cartridge for Staples refund (free box), and some sealed lotions.

Not a 'lot' of resale goodies... but a few! (4) vintage wood hangers - chippy green, chippy pink, vintage floral fabric & advertising ("They're OLD, how about 25¢?"), bottom of a USA cookie jar (5¢), tole tin cannister (10¢), cookbook (5¢), small vellum lampshade (10¢), and an old Car card game (25¢).

A few Christmas stocking stuffers...An angel pin for Mom, a book for L - who adores cats, and yes, a Trace cd for A. I don't normally encourage the partaking of Country Music in any way, shape, or form... but this is an exception. ( A couple of years ago A and I went to Nashville (GREAT Blues!) and we had a T.A. siting - sooooo.....) .

Another 'score' of the morning was this LARGE market basket (16" x 27"!!). I'm not normally a 'basket person' ('basket case'... well, maybe...), but this basket is just stunning! The size! The condition! When I picked it up, the feel and the patina of that well loved handle just won me over... $2.

I am getting the feeling that the 'saling gods' were trying to tell me something, as 'organizing' accessories were a-plenty! 2 shelf wicker baskets (more?!) = $1/set. A pair of wire 2-bin each stackable units = 25¢. Guess I better get busy!

At the last sale of the morning (11:30am), I had picked up a vintage smock apron and a little kitchen chopper thingy - 25¢ ea. . When I went to pay, I realized that I had spent all of my change and the smallest bill that I had left was a Ten. I apologized to the woman (but it WAS 3hrs into their sale, so I figured they would be able to change it) - she looked at the bill, looked at the closed money box, and just decided it was TOO much effort "Oh, that's okay. Just take them. Are you going to use the Apron? Will you take the rest of them too? I don't want anything for them, just to know that they are going to a good home. They were my Mother's. She Loved them and would like to see them enjoyed." Hey, far be it from me to refuse a request like that. The vintage Blue & Green floral was my original choice. Of the others, only a couple are vintage, but there are some fun Holidays!Before I forget ... AGAIN... my Favorite find from the 'Twister' sale. Isn't this set AMAZING?!! Does anybody out there in BlogLand know anything about them? The holder with the wood handle has the appearance of 1950's? Danish design? I don't think the glasses are Swanky Swigs, but they look earlier than the Retro 60-70's... ANY IDEAS??
8 glasses and carrier... $1.
Now, I must put some of these 'finds' to use... don an apron, maybe bake some muffins, do some 'organizing' - and hopefully add to the purge tally !!


barbara said...

There WERE a lot of sales - and you're right, there were way too many kids' clothes out there. I had my best luck on Liberty Street, which turned out to be having a neighborhood sale. The glasses aren't Swanky Swigs (one of my passions) but I don't know what they are. Love the aprons (and the story)!

Heidi said...

Oh man, you found great stuff! Those glasses are very cool! Never seen any with that design before. It's so cheery! I love that great big market basket too--it's beautiful!

No saling here--it was 50 degrees and raining cats and dogs. I'm feeling that end of summer/end of yard sales panic like you mentioned. I always get this way about this time and regret that I didn't make it to more sales before I'm relegated to the (expensive) thrifts for my junkin fix!

Shara said...

No sales for me either yesterday. You did fantastic. Oh, that basket just makes my heart go pitter pat. That's the kind of old oak splint handcrafted baskets I search for in the Made in China basket bins at the thrifts at at sales. I think the lack of your tri-fecta still paid off in all those other goodies.

Anonymous said...

WoW! I love the glasses in the carrier .. and pretty much everything else you bought, I would have also!!

Heidi Ann said...

Okay, I am HUGELY jealous of your coat hangers and your blue Ransburg canister!

Sarah and Jack said...

I think I might love the first apron to the left in the back. Blue and pink flowery thing?

And the canister is Ransburg I think?

So much good stuff, I am jealous. :-)