Sunday, August 3, 2008

...VERA morning at market!

Do you ever find yourself falling in love all over again?

This morning's venture to market was definitely a QUALITY day, rather than a QUANTITY day. I came home with just seven scarves (okay... so maybe that is quantity too!). That's it. Nothing else. 6 VERA and 1 ECHO (I like ECHO and PAOLI almost as much as VERA). Seven little vintage silk scarves, all purchased from the same vendor...

I just adore the designs of VERA's signature style!

I'm LOVING the fish in this ECHO scarf, BIG TIME!!

Then I came home, worked in the gardens for a while...
  • I planted a trumpet vine that I was given yesterday at the auction. The new owner of the home overheard me "oohing" and "ahhing" over the trumpet vine on the back barn. She said that they were tearing the barn down and would be ripping out all of that vine - so help myself. YOU BET! When they started auctioning off tools, I bought me a shovel!

I took the camera outside to get a few shots of the first signs that FALL is almost upon us (Yep! One month of True Summer here in the NE!... July.) DON'T get me wrong... FALL and HALLOWEEN are my absolute FAVORITES ~ but is it necessary to bring out Halloween displays on Aug. 2 ??? (Yes, last night at the mall.... wrong on so many levels!)

When I downloaded (or uploaded or whatever!) the photos I became acutely aware of something that I had read, but never fully appreciated... In researching the life, history and design theory of VERA Neumann (check out LULU's VINTAGE blog to see more VERA!), I had learned that many of her designs "were inspired by nature, by her travels abroad, and by Asian culture and motifs. She traveled to Ireland and incorporated shamrocks and cobblestones into her work. She traveled to China and utilized Chinese calligraphy in her designs... Vera traveled the globe, sketchbook in hand, while her husband, George, toted his camera. " (VERA TEXTILES by Jeanette Michalets & Katherine Michalets). They go on to say that VERA often looked to her garden for inspiration. Well, either VERA and I have very similar gardens, or she was 'peaking'!!

(One of my 'seed babies' that is currently is blossom!)

(Yes... the Japanese Lanterns are starting to ripen - we Are on the Eve of Fall!)

I know, I know... pretty basic stuff... nothing earth shattering or revolutionary. I guess that sometimes is just takes a certain moment in time/action to suddenly make it all 'click'.

Today it CLICKED and I fell in love with my collection of VERA all over again!

(another 'seed baby'!)


Barbara at Oodles and Oodles said...

Vera would be proud! Love the garden pictures with the scarves.

Sweetie said...

I love the scarves - and the garden pictures.

Shara said...