Tuesday, May 13, 2008


"Sex And The City movie which has its world premiere in London tomorrow."
... and the countdown begins!

Can anybody out there possibly begin to explain WHY I AM so looking forward to this? It is such STUPID MIND MOOSH - that I love!! I never had HBO when the series first came out, I didn't get hooked until it went into reruns... but, thanks to the DVR, I have watched from start to finish at least 2 or 3 times!! (NOT all at once, just individual episodes!).

This is SO unlike me!! I'm NOT into TV. I'm NOT into Soaps. I'm NOT into Fashion, or glamour, or, or, or... Am I just escaping my calm, normal, contented and happy, 'stuff' existence and living vicariously through them??? Oh, too much introspect - I need a STUFF FIX!!


NOBODY that I know was/is into the show... so it looks like I'll have to 'Jet Set' to London on my own for tomorrow's premiere!!! Anyone out there care to join me?

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