Saturday, May 3, 2008


By now, I'm sure many of you are aware of my belief in 'for every action there is an Equal But Opposite Reaction'. Well once again, it has played itself out.

This week has been one of those weeks... favorite old pair of Levis 505's finally met their demise (and I was so sure when I put them on in the morning that those two worn spots at the top edge of the back pockets had enough fabric left between them that they wouldn't 'become one'... WRONG... thank goodness for my long shirt!!). Then another day in a fit of 'stuff disgust', my worn-to-death old Bass Docksiders (boat shoes of the... er... umm... 80's?!) were disposed of. (Relax 'Shoe Police'... I hadn't worn them since the early 90's!!) Quite an accomplishment for me - for both items!!

Well Friday and Saturday I got my rewards!

A few 'USEFUL GOODS' which of course included an unused Yankee Candle and a couple of bottles of Bath and Body had sanitizer - can never have enough of that stuff when saling!!

  • an unopened Eddie Bauer pedometer ($1.00 - part of Mom's Day!)
  • Eddie Bauer change purse (.50¢)
  • New Travelon bag ($1.00)
  • Yankee Candle (.50¢)
  • Bath & Body hand sanitizers - New! (.25¢ ea)
  • Needle Nose Pliers - can never have enough! (.25¢)
  • Craftsman 'stripped screw remover kit' (.10¢)

... a few 'Not-so-useful, but gotta have' stuff for Me... If any of you are wondering the 'why??' of the Infant of Prague statue - NO, I'm not 'religious' (quite the opposite) - but I got Very curious about them a couple of years ago after flipping through one of Mary Randolph C_ _ _ _ _'s books, and did some research. Now I just think they are fun, and have a shelf of them (along with rosaries, buddahs and other 'intriguing' curiousities) in my studio/attic!

  • 1969 Flowers (Look familiar to my MAY DAY post?!) (.50¢)
  • Yellow Haeger pot (.50¢)
  • Old Decorative Crisco tin - similar to one I found a while back, but reverse colors (.25¢)
  • Mini Infant of Prague (.10¢)
  • Some 'bling' - shoe clip and shell bracelet (.25¢ ea)
  • A Watch Fob for Dad's collection ($1.00)
...And a few items with resale potential (I make this bad habit support itself!!).
  • Spaghetti Santa Planter (.15¢)
  • A few old cookbooks (.25¢ ea)
  • A couple of Pyrex mugs (.25¢ea.)
  • Mackie Scarf ($1.99)
  • Bag of old advertising / hotel silverplate ($1.50)
  • Matte finish piece of Nippon that I MUST research (free pile by curb)

~BUT~ this is what I'm hoping is a true score...

Yesterday, on a quick run through the S.A., I saw this blanket/quilt with odd shades of turquoise and green mixed together. Normally I don't 'do' quilts (for resale), 'cause I'm completely clueless on them. I LIKED the colors on this one, and I thought it looked like it might be fun for laying out on the beach...

When I opened it up, I found it to be a single bed size, done in what I think is a traditional 'quilt pattern'. I examined the stitches... odd sizes, so I'm assuming 'hand sewn'. Some light soiling, but it looks like it should wash out (not sure if I'm going to attempt this!!). No worn areas, rips or tears. $2.99, I decided I'd take a chance, and if all else fails... there is my original plan ;-) . I would love any input that any of you may have!!

That's all. Now I MUST go list some items, so I can clear out some of this STUFF! Oh, and I almost forgot, my first grab this morning was this 'not so little' guy for a buck... DH was NOT amused!


Shara said...

Great finds. I have a Spaghetti Santa like that but mine is a bank. I had one and dropped it which broke my heart. Then, about two weeks later, I found another one! Is at an E.B.O.R?

My finds were Eh this weekend. Nothing stellar. But, there's always next weekend, right?

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Absolutely fabbo quilt! And I wouldn't be too afraid to wash it. I do most everything in my machine, cold water, gentle cycle, then hang it up to dry. I figure one of the beauties of buying things for next to nothing is that if you accidentally make it fall apart, you're only out a buck or two.

Case in point: I picked up a leather jacket a while back to use for crafts. Threw it in the washer last week with a few towels, and it washed beautifully. Didn't even get stiff when it dried. Go for it!

BTW, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your comment made my day!

Monica said...

I love the spagetti santa and Flamingos of course rule!!!

Sarah and Jack said...

Sadly I have no idea what the pattern is. Despite having so many quilts, I am pretty pattern clueless.

The ladies on the NAVT board on Ebay will know though.

I would NOT wash it if you are trying to sell it. And even if I owned it, I probably wouldnt wash it. Washing an old quilt properly is a pretty involved process (which involves the bathtub, not the washing machine!)and it is always risky.