Sunday, May 25, 2008


ANOTHER confetti Bowl - still not the one I REALLY want, but I am getting closer!!
Bennington Trigger Mug - I LOVE BENNINGTON, and though this is not my pattern (I have green/black splatter), I couldn't leave it all lonely on the shelf!

Friday was an EBOR day, if ever there was one! A day of major Highs and major Lows.

I decided to spend the $$ on gas and go on an adventure. It was a sunny day, none too warm, but sun never the less - and an upscale area an hour away was having their town wide sales.

I left my house at 8am, but never got to 'the town' until 1pm !! I HAD to stop at the 'usual haunts' along the way, and numerous 'Yard Sale' signs blocked my path enroute!! That's okay because I wasn't on a schedule. I wasn't on a mission. It was a 'journey'!

At one of my 'usual haunts' I heard the (M)anager talking to an older gentleman about 'Wanda's death'. I had to be rude and ask her "Was Wanda the older, black woman who worked the register?" as I hadn't seen her there recently. I never knew her name, but that she LOVED HOT PEPPERS!! As does DH, and we have Jalapeno, and Habanero and half a dozen other kinds tucked into any free inch of garden that he can find - so I would take her in a basket of them at the end of Summer. This thrift is kind of out of the way, so I don't get there in the Winter,- and generally only a few times in the Summer. Last Summer she wasn't working the day I tried to drop off her Peppers. I didn't ask about her, because I didn't know her name. Here is the conversation that followed:
(M): "No, that's Trudi. Wanda was the VERY thin woman with the big hair. But Trudi Died too."
(S): "Oh, I'm sorry..."
(M): "Trudi died Dec. 8, 2006 and Wanda died last week..."

Isn't it amazing, 'The cast of characters' in our Daily lives? People who's names we don't even know - but have an impact on us? It kind of scares me how many people could just 'disappear' from my life, without me ever knowing what became of them, or maybe even realizing they were gone!! It is said that people enter and exit our lives for a reason...

The rest of the days was Ultra-Relaxing with FANTASTIC Finds...

A pair of TACKY FISH to add to my hall-wall collection!! YIPPEE, I hadn't found any of these in a long time (.75¢pr.)

Several vintage/retro tops & dresses (.25¢ each) , a box of vintage ornaments and an ORANGE ornament!! Do you have any idea how hard 'Orange' ornaments are to find?!! At Xmas, I have an aluminum tree on our Dining Rm table that I have been 'trying' to do in Dark Purple - Orange - Lime/Grinch Green. Not your typical Xmas palette, thus NOT easy to find ornaments!!

A few goodies for resale...


The theme for the day seemed to be Seaside

Back in the 'Days of Yore' (late 80's / post college), one of 'the Crew' (L) moved to Maine. The rest of 'The Crew' would invade upon Maine for Memorial Day weekend. A 'Girls Weekend' of Sales, seaglass hunting, eating and drinking!!! This went on for about 10yrs., then (L) moved back to Central NY. We are GLAD to have her back, but boy do we crave Maine & The Coast on Memorial Day!! So I had to grab the Lobster S/P shakers, Maine/NY/Seaside vintage metal trays and the CapeCod cookbook (complete with Quahog recipes!).

Hope you all have a Wonderful Weekend!

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Shara said...

I read the obituaries every morning before I even make coffee. I scan the names and the city, then I make the coffee, brush my teeth, after I don't recognize a name. But, then later, I really read them. I am surprised at how many times I realize that I did "know" them from a thrift, or a door greeter at Wal-mart or some other nameless face I knew. I also worry when people don't update their blogs that something has happened to them. How would we ever know?

Glad you had an adventure. They are always fun!