Wednesday, May 28, 2008


so would you care to vote for what you consider the most devastating of this weeks 'Trials and Tribulations' in My world?
  1. ...Breaking, or rather 'Smashing into little pieces' one of my favorite old concrete garden buddies while trying to give it a fresh coat of Summer paint...
  2. The "Are You Pregnant?" question from somebody who sees me at least weekly (a GUY none-the-less)... and NO it wasn't the outfit -( fitted Tshirt and low-rise, straight leg GAP jeans )- NOT even any 'Mushroom/Muffin top' happening! (you know... "...extra back fat and shit that forms a muffin-top like effect surrounding the jeans.") ~OR~
  3. "Oh yeh, I've seen those things crochet from grocery bags - my grandmother did that in Sr. Citizens." See BAG LADY TOTE entry.


MIUMIU said...
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Shara said...

Oh, Miumiu, don't piss her off more than she already is!

Sounds like you are having a bad week. Sometimes the crap just gets deeper and deeper, doesn't it? Sigh. I am sorry. Hope you can shovel your way out soon.

T.F. Torrey said...

Ouch. Those are bad. In the full spectrum of bad things that can happen, though, I'm pretty sure you've had worse.