Monday, May 5, 2008

...Happy ...Happy!

...and with that said 8-)... I must now climb back on my soap box for a quick moment
First, I would like to thank APRON THRIFT GIRL for bringing a new term/idealogy to my attention... FREEGAN. As the term was new to me, I did some digging... I am really interested and open to anybody else's opinions on this 'way of life'. I keep hearing my Mother's favorite saying rattling around in my head...'Everything in moderation'. I like the ideas behind what they are doing, but I think that they have gone to an extreme - way past 'moderation'. Keep in mind that I am considered the 'tree hugger' in our family, ~BUT~ for these people to condemn 'the checkout clerk at the meat counter' and 'the factory workers at the refrigeration plant' and feel that people's personal property, just because it isn't inhabited should be 'free game'... doesn't sit well with me. Sure these people are conserving on their use of certain things (ie: fuel by 'hitchhiking') - but they ARE still using it... still using products of refrigeration, still wearing clothes made in sweatshops, still using 'imports'! They may not be purchasing them, but they ARE USING THEM! Reminds me of the person who has 'Quit Smoking.' They are not buying any more cigarettes (because the quit.), but they continue to bum them off of others 'who smoke'.
What is the 'marketable term' for the lifestyle defined as 'reducing ones footprint' - period.??
^^^getting down off my soapbox ~ thanks for letting me vent!^^^

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T.F. Torrey said...

Belatedly, I would like to point out that I completely agree with your little soap box rant here. While I am all for reducing consumption and so forth, the freegan movement doesn't quite sit right in my head. The reasons you gave are good, and I would add that it isn't a logically valid solution because it depends on the very waste it claims to be about. Maybe I'm missing the point, though. Maybe it isn't supposed to be a "solution" at all. Maybe it's just a protest, or just a way to live that is safely not as bad as consumerism.