Tuesday, May 20, 2008

...'Bag Lady Tote'

Being of the 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' mentality...
I saw a write up of this and HAD to try it!

First of all... let's set the record straight - I am NOT a 'crafter'. I enjoy 'useful projects', but 'foo-foo' stuff is NOT Me. I only know the basic crochet stitch taught to me by my 'ever-a-crochet hook-in-the-hand' Grandmother. I was given my first skein of Pink yarn and my blue plastic crochet hook when I was 3 or 4. Taught the proper way to hold the yarn, the hook, keep the tension the same, through two, through two, one... I had a 'special drawer at Grandma/Grandpa's where 'my stuff' lived - including that Pink yarn and hook. For eight +/- years I don't know how many times that skein/ball of Pink yarn was crochet, pulled out, rewound, crochet, pulled out, rewound,... No it didn't bother me to 'undo' all of my hardwork - I think I enjoyed that part more than the actual crochetting 8-). I still have that pink ball of yarn and the hook...

Anyways, My LOVE of 'Tote Bags' has gotten me in over my head on this one!! I 'need' a LARGE oversized 'Bag Lady' tote to take packages to the Post Office, so.... I am actually attempting my first 'non-pulled out project'!! Let's just say, it is going to take Hundreds and Hundreds of Dollar General bags (yes, I chose to do an overall yellow/black tweed effect bag) to complete ((sigh.)) I don't know how to read patterns & I only know the one stitch - so I am completely winging it - I'm letting my requirement specifications, intuition, engineering background and my Interior Design degree guide me.

Currently, I have got the bottom done ( about 10" x 30") and am about 6" up the sides. I'm thinking the sides should be about 24" high. The 'strap' design has been running around in my head. I think that it needs to be a 'wrap - around' type that supports the whole bag (loops under bag and up sides) - and of course it needs to be long enough to slip over my shoulder !! This is sounding like a WHOLE LOT of bags!! I may have to incorporate a couple of wide stripes of other colors to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my 'yellow tweed'!!

Started... 5-11-08
making 'plarn' as I go...

Wish me luck!!

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