Friday, July 29, 2011 very own blue bird!!

After the daunting day I had last Friday, I didn't venture out for any saling on Saturday!
However, while J and I were out cruising around on Sunday, we were tempted by a benefit FLEA/ANTIQUE MARKET. I think even more amazing is the fact that J actually made a purchase!!

Okay, you can't fully appreciate this until you have the full understanding of how a 'market adventure w/ J & S' generally flows... J truly has no interest in 'stuff', but goes along for S. He has learned through osmosis what S is looking for over the years. Once at a market J & S go their separate ways because S is much.Much.MUCH too SLOW and METICULOUS for J's taste. All he needs is about 30 seconds to survey a booth from a 10' radius to decide if their is a piece of HAEGER there or not, then on to the next booth. S (that's ME) needs lots of time to look through all of that jewelry for sweater clips and scarves for VERA!! J does an entire market in about the time S has done 4 booths, then he goes and hangs out in the food area... and everyone is happy.

Now, you can TRULY appreciate my amazement, when he came and found me at my 2nd booth to go look at something with him ~ that he REALLY LIKED ~ What did I think?

Yes. He done did good!

J wanted these two DUK-IT pedestal metal moderne design ashtrays for our porch.

Nice Job.

I bought nothing. My mojo was still out of whack.


As we were leaving the market we noticed signs for a HUGE garage sale, so we followed them... and followed them... and it was huge. All I found of the slightest interest was this Kokopelli windchime though.

Not exactly 'my thing', but for .50cents, I'm thinking I can cut it apart and use just the Kokopellis for a separate project.

I paid

I was walking out

Then I glanced at another table


there it was








Could it really be?

I picked it up

It was signed!


The nose wasn't chipped!!

no price

I had to ask.

"How Much?"

"THAT?! Oh, A quarter would be fine!"

Indeed it is a Bluebird of Happiness!

I have several other LEO WARD glass birds that have been gifted to me, but this is only the second that I have ever found at a sale (and the first had a broken beak!). I am VERY EXCITED that another has escaped Arkansas!!

Even with the rainy backdrop (YES IT F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. RAINED TODAY!) I think he fits in nicely with the rest of his L.W. family on the windowsill!

Maybe this is a sign of a Thrift mojo turn~ about? Hope so, because our local 50 mile ROUTE 90 garage sale officially starts in the morning!!!

I did stop into one sale early and picked up this little gem

2011#6 (Sweaterclip) $1


Shara said...

I really had no ide that you liked the Bluebirds of Happiness so much. Good to know. Good to know. (Although I completely understand the thrill of the hunt and the joy when you find something. I was gifted a RED Redman picnic basket - my holy grail of thrifting. And, I LOVE it and I am thrilled to own it. But, I wanted to find one for myself for soooooo long that it felt odd to just be handed it.) You know what I mean, right?

Come on down someday and we will go to the Bluebird Studio together - it is crazy that I have never been since it is not far at all.

Louise said...

Looks like you made some wonderful finds. I like your little bluebird of happiness.

Shara said...

PS I buy the chippy birds too and put them out ono the fence and in the flowerbeds - when the sun hits them - WOW!