Sunday, July 24, 2011

...HEAT + saling = BAD!!!

Friday started out normal enough. Yes, it was HOT. That has just been a given 'EVERYWHERE' lately - hasn't it?! I thought I would hit a couple of early morning sales on my way to work before it got too bad.
The first stop was a family clearing out their father's estate. They weren't dealing with the heat or any of the 'process' and just wanted it all to be GONE... so there were good deals to be had ~if you could avert your nose from the masses of people who hadn't bothered to shower during this heat wave (and NO, an extra layer of cologne DOES.NOT.HELP!). I would have liked to have stayed and dug longer but my nerves were getting frayed. I did grab this cup of eyeglasses ~ 'Dad' must have worn the same style eyeglasses for y-e-a-r-s!!!
I also fell in love with this set of Franciscanware 1950's Atomic Starbust China in Aqua, green and yellow. I'm probably crazy, but that left with me too!
~~Then onto unchartered territorty~~
I had read an ad for another sale, rather 'out of the way' for my route to work, but I was game. It was at a Very Nice looking 'horse farm' ~ big house, wrap around porch, lots of barns. Porch was piled high with 'stuff' - old and newer. As I was browsing, kinda got the feel that there were 3 generations living on the homestead - Mom/Dad (60ish?), Daughter/Hubby (30ish), Gdaughter(3ish). Okay, you know the scenario, you are the only customer so you get chit-chatting with Mom & Daughter ~ weather ~ hoarders tv shows~ yadda ~ yadda.... . They have SO.MUCH.STUFF that I can't possibly take it all in so I ask Mom if there are any scarves anywhere that I am overlooking? She says no, but she has a bunch inside she'd be glad to get rid of, just give her a minute... She came back with this Big rubbermaid tote - takes the top of and hands it to me. I find a step, sit down and start to dig through it. All 80's tacky, Polyester, nasties - I was feeling bad that she had gone to all of that effort to go get this out for me, so I was digging to the bottom, desperately searching for something, anything to buy - guess what I found in the bottom?! VERA? ... NOT!!!! How about packages of vintage, unused condoms! Yeh, that just made my morning complete. Alrighty now.! My first thought was "Why would a 60 yr old?", then I realized these scarves were from the 80's and probably the condoms were too, as much as I may hate to admit it, that was 30 years ago and that would put 'Mom' in her 30's... okay... but 'why with the scarves?' OH, I try not to think about that connection!!!!!!!!!!! So, I neatly replaced the scarves back into the tote, and told 'Mom' that they weren't quite what I was looking for, but thanked her for getting them for me. She was fine with that. Good thing! Had 'Mom' given me the SLIGHTEST bit-o-attitude at the fact that she had gone through all that trouble for nothing, I would have whipped one of those little wrapped packets out of the tote in a flash and LOUDLY made some snide comment like "You might want to check the expiration date on these" ~ I'm sure her daughter would have been impressed ;). Anyways, it was just TOO HOT for that whole episode!! I bought NOTHING. I went to work.
THANK GOODNESS the AC works in my vehicle!! After work, I got half way home, then had to sit for 1/2 hr ~stopped~ due to a couple of accidents closing down 'the' road, then I was detoured 1/2 hr off route to try and get home.... Do people forget how to drive in the heat??
One bonus was that the detour DID take me through a small town with a THRIFT store!
Can you believe I bought a scarf?? That I even looked at / touched scarves? The lure of VERAs is just too great! This isn't a VERA - but it is a Burmel - just thinking Fall makes me deal with this heat a little bit better!
Okay, to heal all of the wounds of a REALLY, REALLY, DISTURBING FRIDAY ~ the Thrift Karma tossed a sweet, sweet Sweater Clip my way for only .99¢ (2011#5)
I didn't venture out to any sales on Saturday.
I think I shall wait for this weather to break, and just spend a little time listing in ETSY 8-)!


Shara said...

I feel you coming over to the dark side with me soon. Heat BOOOOO! Fall YEAH!!!!!!

So the Sweater Clip Count is 5 and the old nasty rubber count is 1. Got it. (Double eeewwww).

Andy said...

ah. YOU would know this... How does a glove clip work? I think I have a few from my grandmother.