Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...'Queen Tag ~ a ~ Long'

Recently when I told someone we were going up to ME/NH for a long weekend they asked if this was a 'vacation' or a 'tag~a~long trip'... and this had me baffled until they explained the difference. A 'tag~a~long trip' (as they fondly refer to it in their house) is when one of them has to go away for business and the spouse 'tags~a~long' for the roadtrip and to take full advantage of all of the hotel's fringe benefits!!!

Got it! This was DEFINITELY a Tag~a~long trip! J was photographing in NH... and I was lounging by the pool and doing site-seeing in ME 8-) ! ...and nights we were hanging on the PIERS with these little guys!

...and walking the beaches any free time we had

and doing LOTS MORE of this (to hold us over until we get back again!)

We even managed to sneak inside a few THRIFTS, though, even I found it difficult with beautiful weather and sites to be INSIDE!! Now I must do some research to see if this is a MacKenzie Childs piece - paint looks right, mark on bottom looks right ~ but VERY faint....


Royal HAEGER 2011 #8

State Plate for Illinois ~ This is only the 2nd State plate we've found - now we have ME & IL!

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Louise said...

Sounds like a lovely trip, tag-a-long or not.