Monday, August 1, 2011

...25 miles of just 'me'!

When I stepped off the back porch to load up the vehicle with the essentials for the day (tote bag and ice water), this Angel's Trumpet was there to greet me!
I did a 'solo mission' for the first time in years. J had other plans (sleep?! work in the garden?!!). I was on the road by 7:30am and only lasted until 2pm ~ I must be getting old!
Pickings were rather slim... or my 'mojo' was still off... not quite sure, but an hour in and two towns later I still had not purchased a single item, then I spotted this little bowl on a quarter table. I generally don't purchase basic HAEGER floral utilitarian items much anymore, as our house is already overrun with them, but this glossy pedestal piece 'spoke' to me.
HAEGER 2011 #9
Next town, I stopped at a garage sale and I noticed the lady tending the sale had a bag sitting next to the 'check-out' table... NOT just any bag, but a PLARN BAG!! She had made it to hold her 'bags'.
By early afternoon it was starting to get H.O.T., people were starting to wake up so the roads were starting to get congested, and I said 'Enough'. Not a big haul, but a few fun things. Set of vintage Raggedy Ann/Andy mugs for a future gift (4/$1.), HAEGER #9 & #10, Red Xmas Tree ($1), Sundress ($2), Tub of Wilton Valentine cookie cutters ($1), Bath&Body Works Lotions .25¢ea, 3 Garbage Bags of packing peanuts (all for .25¢). Strictly a 'ME' morning - not a single thing for resale, except the peanuts for packing... but I guess we all need those kind of days occassionally!
The biggest 'ME' purchase of the morning was this HAEGER 2011 #10 Vase. It is not marked HAEGER anywhere on it, so even though I bought it from a dealer, thankfully he had no idea as to the manufacturer of it so I was able to get it for $10! HAEGER isn't worth much normally, but when a dealer sees a name on the bottom of a piece of pottery they automatically think they have 'priceless find' and mark it accordingly! I even gambled on this piece. I thought we had a vase in the same shape, just a different glaze - but I wasn't 100% positive this was a HAEGER...
Until I got home and did my research! 8-)
It is from their 1967 Catalog, #4055 16" ORIENTAL VASE originally retailed for $15.00
GLAZE: ETRUSCAN BLUE ~ The books say that Etruscan is in "Good Supply", so the book value is 'low', but this is the first piece of this glaze to enter our collection, so I am pretty excited!!
Every year I say that I'm not going to bother with this sale another year because it has become too commercialized, but every year the chance at that unidentified piece of HAEGER or digging for that buried sweater clip, lures me out!!


Shara said...

Looks like you had a good ME day! Sometimes I have to go to a sale just to see for myself that it isn't any good. Better than dreaming that I missed treasure upon treasure. I am so ready for Fall and some good diggin'.

Protector of Vintage said...

You found some great stuff! I'd love to try-out one of those "many mile long" garage sales someday.

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

If you are up for company next year, let me know and I'll make a trip :)