Sunday, July 3, 2011

...'play days'

Last week, spurr of the moment on a Tuesday, one of my best buds from college (A) and I decided to do a 'girls' day' on Thursday - go exploring of some "new-to-us" towns... I sent out an impromptu SOS to Tam of ToLiveToLoveToLaugh ~ who I 'thought' lived in one of those towns, but 'actually' lives an hour away 8(... ! Well, the sweetie that she is, had me in touch with another kind soul (Liz) by Wednesday morning, who P!R!O!M!P!T!L!Y! had an entire days worth of itinerary to me - Thrift shops, bead shops, restaurants, coffee, markets, nature hikes... What a gem! THANKS GIRLS!
The day started with a Perfect weather forecast, and we met on 'old stomping grounds' (familiar to both of us) at a 'halfway town' for coffee and bagels... Before leaving town to set out on our day of adventure we hit a few shoppes and a local thrift (where I picked up a few things -destined as parts of Xmas gifts, so sorry NO PHOTOS!).
~Stops at roadside farm markets~
~Just enjoying the scenery, the day, the chit-chat and the company!~
'Detoured' to another small town with a few small shops I had always wanted to check out. We found a good-sized 'STUFF' shop upstairs to go prowl through!!
Another STUFF shop tucked in on a side street produced a couple of little gems for ME!! (glove clip - $1, Red Atomic Pin - $1).
Back on Main St. one of the shops had a H.U.G.E. selection of that 'other vera' (as in Bradley). I had to take a picture of this bag - I think that she is dipping in on this idea of the 'PLARN look' - though not actually recycling!! Kinda FUN though! Now, I just need to figure out how to actually crochet those flowers 8-) ! (my crochet knowledge is limited to straight lines!!).
~Back on the road to our Final destination~
We made it!
Just in time for Lunch!! I had purchased a CHEAPO certificate off of, so we knew exactly where we would be 'dining', and it was GREAT! (But, Liz said it would be, so I wasn't worried!)
~All refreshed (Don't Worry! Only one drink each) we went walking and shopping!~
~We found Bling for LOTS of inspiration~
~We thought we were a bit lost for a while in search of BEADS, then realized it was in this great old Ghost painted wharehouse!
~We went in search of a couple of Thrifts on the other side of town - but never found them, (by that time we were both rather tired & hot, so when we didn't find them 'easily'... we didn't try 'too' hard!)
The drive back included Lots more beautiful views and sites... and a quick stop at a new winery - ANYELAS ( , a farmer's market and then we called it quits for the day!
The rest of our Holiday weekend has also ended up being a 'staycation', with 'play-days' - but I will spare you all of the details... and just leave you with 2/3 of a TRI-FECTA 8-)
HAEGER 2011 #7 - 6 1/2" square Tidbit Dish $2.50
VERA 2011 #17 - square 100% polyester


Shara said...

Sounds like an awesome journey with some junk thrown in for good measure. Glad you had fun!

Tam@ToLive.ToLove.ToLaugh. said...

yay! I dont know how I missed this post! I'm glad you guys had a great time, I thought about you all day, the weather was PERFECT! :)

Liz said...

It looks like you guys had a great day, and you went to the old Opera House/Antique store in Homer, so glad to see you made it there, did you take the tour upstairs where the actual stage/auditorium is? I never thought to mention places in Homer, also very historic and a great town to browse around in. Also should have mentioned that the bead store had "Cortland Corset Company" in H U G E letters on the side of the building.