Monday, July 11, 2011

...the ERRIES of July!

and as any of you that know me at all realize, berries are a PASSION of mine!!! Mulberries! Raspberries! Blackberries! Wild Black Caps! ... Our backyard has them all, and July is Prime Season for stained fingers 8-)
So, my main consumption since the 4th of July has been picking berries... and eating berries... and washing berries... and eating berries... and baking... and eating... and freezing... and eating... and preserving... and, well you get the idea! It is such a short period of time, I just can't get enough of these little darlings!! Each evening after it cools off I go out to pick until dusk, then just sit on the porch and eat until my hearts content - Mmmm it doesn't get much better than nice, fresh raspberries... still warm from the sun 8-). (Yeh, some vanilla ice cream would be nice, but that would involve getting up and going in the house ~ TOO.MUCH.WORK!!). Oh, I have modified a Rhubarb Bar recipe to include Wild BlackCaps that is out of this world!!
TWO of my favorite church rummage sales were held Saturday morning ~ HaPpY DaNcE ~
Texas Ware Confetti Bowl .75¢ in flecks of aqua/brown (did you see in the first photo how wonderfully it is working with my berries?!), 2 Vernon-Ware Tickled Pink berry bowls, and an 8Cup NIB Krona Stainless Steel Measuring Pot w/ Cover $2. ! I think my mind is still in the kitchen and dreaming of those berries - what do you think?
I NEVER buy tablecloths (unless they are VERA!)... but I couldn't resist the BRITE colors and GREAT GRAPHICS of this CALIFORNIA state cloth! It does have one light stain that you can see between S & W on the compass, but it is really light, and other than that it is crisp and Perfect - did I do okay for $1. ??
A paper mache' PAMPLONA MEXICO bracelet in bright cheery colors .50¢ and a box of 9 vintage ornaments. The ornaments were just plain balls that I normally would have passed on, but it was such an odd grouping of colors together - (1) shiny silver, (1) shiny gold, (1) shiny red, (1) turquoise, (3) frosted pink, (1) frosted purple, (1) matte olive green that they had to come home with me. DON'T ASK.
...and a CLASSIC VERA!
2011 #18
Now I see the local Market Stands are starting to have baskets of these beautiful little
(another of my favorites!)
*Have you ever put these little beauties in your freezer (whole, but washed & de-stemmed), then on a HOT, STEAMY day popped one in your mouth ~ straight from the freezer ~ whole ?


Heidi said...

Love the combo of the ornaments, and the tablecloth is fab!

I'd love to grow raspberries in my yard but don't have anywhere to put them. The only space I have only gets morning sun, so veggies have never done well there and I'm afraid berries would be the same. Rats. I can't believe you picked all of those berries in the photo from your own yard--that's like a fantasy for me!

Louise said...

Mmmmmm. berries, I, too, can't get enough of them. There's nothing as satisfying as sitting down with a bowl that you've picked just that day.

yardsaleprincess1 said...

I am green with envy over your berries! Mine didn't do well this year...poor upkeep on my part and icky weather! I have a confetti bowl almost exactly like that one! Mine just has some red in it. I almost peed myself over that table cloth! JEALOUS!!!! I have never seen a CA or any other state for that matter in a table cloth. I have seen the kitchen towels only and usually they are super stiff and I don't want them that way. I love vintage table/kitchen linens! Yes, yes, you did good for $1!!!!! Thank you very much for my goodies too! I sent you an email telling you all about their arrival! You are such a dear!!!
Talk to you soon!!!

Shara said...

I was going to comment on the tablecloth - but LeAnne's comment was too good to outdo. You did GREAT!

Strawberries from the store are about as -erries as we get around here. But, when they were in season, we about ate ourselves sick on them. YUM!

ROBBIN (with 2 b's) said...

The wild berries out back are just beginning to be ripe for the picking. The kids go back there and grab a few each day. Soon I expect to be able to get a bowl full, unless the deer get to them first. They eat everything in my yard.