Thursday, July 9, 2009 of 'those' days!

As you know, Easter isn't exactly my 'thing', so I 'm not real sure WHY this 2' tall paper mache' & plaster Chick followed me home today! The only reasons I can come up with is that it 'brightened' my day (tell you anything about the kind of day I had?!).

...woke up with a nasty headache - couldn't have been from the WhiteSnake / Judas Priest concert I was coerced into going to last night w/ DH and his siblings?! ~or~ the Mojitos required to make it tolerable?! (FYI: the hardest 'rock' band I had ever paid to go to before is Foreigner...)

...tried to go thrifting. SERVICE ENGINE SOON light put an abrupt halt to that. THIRD time this week I have been to the garage...

When I agreed to a 'loaner vehicle' I was thinking something a little sportier than a MINI-VAN!! (Yes, I was cruising around town in a Mini-Van today - with a Chick in the passenger seat!)

...stepped in gum on the way into my Dentist appointment (had to scrape it off, so I didn't 'muss-up' the Mini-Van!!).

But my last stop of the day (with the Mini-Van) was a thrift where I found these FOUR little lovely VERA's!! EBOR in action... I guess.


Sonya-Dime Store Thrift said...

God, I am so sorry about the minivan. What a nightmare:) I had one for about 6 months and finally had to trade it in for the Explorer. I just couldn't do it.

Were you drinking when the chick followed you home?? Just KIDDING:) You will enjoy it next Easter.

Hugs, Sonya

Shara said...

I have that same chick - so you can think of me when you put it out next year. ;o)

FOUR Vera's in one trip - you did score, didn't you?????

Hope today is a better day. (No Mini Vans!)

Renovation Therapy said...

Were we separated at birth?