Friday, July 10, 2009

...Kitchen mojo

I have often seen it expressed in various blogs, that there tend to be trends/themes to 'saling' adventures - if you look hard enough. Well today was NO exception, and I didn't even have too look to hard!! "Kitchen with a dash of garden thrown in"!! It was a good morning. Started off around 62deg and reached about 75deg - WITH SUNSHINE!!!
My loot for the day consisted of...
  • cake frosting spatula (25¢)
  • stack of square freezer containers (We are just about 'berried to the max' and ready to freeze the rest of the proceeds! $1.)
  • New marking pen (in retro 70's olive green) for labeling canning/freezing (the original 'Sharpie'? .25¢)
  • 'Salsa Express' (DH is always intrigued by 'As Seen on TV' products and has been eyeing this one for a while - I don't mind spending $2.50 - New In Box - to only use once and then decide it is a Pain in the Butt!!)
  • New Procter Silex Hot Air popcon popper (Gotta have it for making my caramel corn at Christmas - last Holiday, ours bit the dust... $2.50)
  • A hardy mum for our Fall enjoyment - $2.
  • Bennington Pottery mug (L.O.V.E. Bennington Pottery - .25¢)
  • Tupperware strainer w/ slotted cover (I have never bothered to get a salad spinner, and with all of the fresh lettuce from our garden, I thought this might work. .25¢)
  • LARGE Tupperware marinating container (We grill out almost every night in the summer, and can use an extra one! $1.)
  • New Red/Orange plaid dish towel (maybe I will retire a stained one?! .25¢)


a Way Cool 'fishy' cakeplate in 'moderne' Grey-Pink-Turquoise (Yes, I have too, too many cake plates - but for $1. this one had to come home with me!)


My first ever VERA apron - paper tags still in place!! (a bit of a splurge at $3. - but I HAD to have it!!)

WOW! And that was only Friday - there is still Saturday to look forward to!!!!


Heidi said...

Ooh, a Vera apron! Very cool! I think that was well worth the $3. I love the poppies.

glenda said...

Golly gee, what a good eye you have, with a good bit of luck, I would love a Vera apron...but I like everything I looked at....

vintagelaundress said...

I'm drooling over that Vera apron - great find!