Friday, January 31, 2014

...out like a Lion!

Just when I thought that my 'stuffing karma' had frozen over for the Winter, and all had been calm as a Lamb for far too long... When I was beginning to think that all I would be left with until the Spring thaw were crafts and 'clean-out' projects...
L.A.R.G.E. red ice cube Sparkling in the deceptive sun.  Frozen with silver garland in a Candy Mold... just HOPING it will melt SOON!!!!
The Thrifts came through in a BIG way for me last week!!
Cashier at my fav Thrift: "You're buying those Ugly Coasters??!  That's gonna cost you a Quarter you know!!"
I just had to laugh at her, 'cause I knew what the little tag on the back said!
 Then a few mugs caught my attention.  As an Interior Designer of the 80's, I was familiar with WAVERLY for their fabrics and wallcovering...

 and apparently they also did a complete line with corresponding china - who knew?!   Replacements say these have long been DISCONTINUED, so hopefully somebody is looking for them!!
On the same shelf... ((sigh!)) six. Bennington Pottery. White. Mugs. By David Gil. 1967. OH MY!  I must get these out of here before I cave and keep them!!
I also picked up several metal cookie
cutters and a lightweight copper creamer
to use in some METAL STAMPING projects!!

On my way out I spotted a Gallon Ziploc bag... 
Some little pendants & earring creatings I found in the bag, just waiting for their future life!
(**Yes, I DO realize the Lamb/Lion reference is supposed to refer to March - I'm just taking a 'January Stuffing Liberty' here!!**)


Shara said...

I am always on the lookout for MC stuff. I found four pieces at once a long time ago, but not a piece since. You had good luck on finding those coasters! I'v never heard of those white cups - I will have to research them. We have had a couple of 'warm' day here in the forties. But, the snow is coming three different times next week. Booyah.

PixieVintage said...

Wow, you got some great stuff! I think I will have to try my hand at metal stamping one of these days. The photo you took with the red heart is really beautiful!