Wednesday, February 5, 2014

...the PLUNGE!

Soooo, Saturday as The Guys were out watching 'The DUKE Boys',  The Girls stayed in where it was 'warm' and did a 'Tea' ;-)
 I pulled ALL those silly pedestals out ~ loaded them with homemade wild berry muffins, green tomatoe bread, cupcakes... ~ figured we might as well get 'some' use out of them...  then I REALLY got inspired... 
I'm doing it.

after 1 FULL year of testing and scheming...

svelteSTUFFj ETSY shop now carries
UPSIDES DOWN pedestals under their 'ATTIC STUDIO' tab!

Hopefully we'll do as well as
SU did vs. Duke


Shara said...

YOu go girl! And J!

Rob and Monica said...

Wow!!! All that food looks GREAT!!!! (Rob)