Wednesday, January 22, 2014

...Neumann to the rescue!

We have no 'degrees'!
We have no sun!
 What is a person to do?
No Sales!
...motivation for venturing outside to Thrifts is almost as low as the temperature...

MAYBE...  pulling out some of my 'pretties' would put a smile on my face??
I think so.

VERA Scarves!
Yes, a couple of evenings of sorting through my TOTE BOX of scarves was a sure-fire cure 8-) !

I have a few 'old-faithfuls' that I wear on a
constant basis, but it was FUN to venture to
the bottom and find some that I had forgotten

Several Boring SOLIDS that
every wardrobe needs, but they
will go back to the bottom of the

I had forgotten that VERA did a series of 'V'
scarves!  I think that I must have picked this up before I
got married.  Now that I have a 'V' initial they have gained
a more prominent position in the Tote!!

Are you wondering about duplicates?
I thought that I had F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. found my FIRST double in...
My deeply adored GRAPE pattern ~


I am rather pleased that it was one of VERA's GEOMETRICS - I so prefer these over some of her later flowery designs!  To me, this speaks of VERA!

 Not to mention PANTONE's 2014 color is RADIANT ORCHID (aka PURPLE).
Maybe it's a 2014 sign... They look like 'stained glass' panels to me.  STAINED GLASS = ADHESIVE (SOLDER!!) + GLASS (SEA GLASS)

Maybe this mean GREAT things are going to happen as far as me FINALLY conquering this art of soldering.  Plus a continuation of my Sea / Beach Glass creations.
Maybe it's wishful thinking.

now all 392 little gems are back in their TOTE, safe & sound, ready for new Journeys!!


Heidi Ann said...

All I can say is WOW! What a fantastic collection! No wonder they put a smile on your face......

PixieVintage said...

That is one amazing collection of scarves!! Beautiful and colorful, I love them :)