Saturday, January 11, 2014

...breath of FRESH air!!

Is anybody else out there having trouble trying to load photos onto their blogs?
Maybe our lines are 'FROZE' from the BIG CHILL that IS 2014,
Maybe it is just operator failure...
no, I think I like my BIG CHILL Theory!

  Being 'Home-bound' for so many days left me with no excuses for not taking down all of our XMAS decorations though....

FINALLY!  All of our toys were put away for another year, and order has come to the land...

Then, the thermomemter ACTUALLY read 23° and it was time to PLAY - OUTSIDE!!
First time with skates on in about 15 years - it wasn't Pretty by any stretch of the imagination - but it was SO.MUCH.FUN!!!
Of course a stop at the Thrift was a MUST!!
I think everybody was thinking the same thing, because pickings were rather slim...
Boggle Game - that I should have checked closer, as it only had 3/4 of it letters and no timer!! (4) metal plate stands .10¢ea, lap-size chalkboard .25¢ , aqua hangar, Pampered Chef mini-whisk NIP .25¢, (2) New packages of candy bags, 'Musical Note' Cookie Cutter .10¢, Jewelry makers magnify glass on stand, couple of 2/14 Magazines from FREE/TRADE rack...
OH, and I can't forget the 'ODD' .50¢ bag of fruit...

I bought it mainly for this beautiful LARGE-rubbery bunch of retro GRAPES

...and these two beaded pieces were
 a nice bonus...
?BUT? Can anyone explain to me THE WHY of
S.I.X. Hard Plastic LEMONS???

NOTHING Earth Shattering, but I am also happy to report that there were NO BROKEN BONES in the SKating re-Debut ;-) !!
...and these two little sweeties REALLY made my heart skip a beat!
I guess I can't use the need for a 'third hand'
as an excuse any more!!

Have you ever seen one in this color before??
I begged the manager at the Thrift to let me buy it!
She really thought that I was nuts!


Shara said...

Love the picture of you ice skating! I would be scared to skate on a pond no matter how cold it has been.

I've asked to buy hangers before and, yes,t hey do look at you like you just stepped off the looney bus. "But, there's free hangers right over there" they say.

I'm headed out to do some big girl thrifting all by myself. WOOHOOOOOO!

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Skating looks like SO MUCH FUN! I learned to skate on the frozen river in back of my grandparents' house and I would love to skate on a pond.

PS I have one of those Pampered Chef mini whisks and I love it! It's great for mixing up hot chocolate!

Shara said...

Me again. When I was a kid, we had a big bowl of those rubbery grapes in the middle of our table. My favorite recreation was to pull them off their stems, squeeze the air out of it and stick them all over my face and tongue.