Friday, May 24, 2013


While out saling yesterday morning, I found this cloth.  It is 'ALMOST' enough to make me wish that I was back in  college, living in a Dorm!  You know, with those BIG,Concrete Block walls just screaming out like empty palettes - waiting for a piece like this!?!!
 Okay, I guess that is a R.E.A.L.L.Y. BIG "ALMOST"!

I'm sure I will figure something out.  For now I am just admiring it "Airing out" on the back porch. (It actually had NO ODOR~  That was just the excuse that I gave J,  so that I could hang it somewhere, admire it and bond with it shortly before I decide it's outcome - hmmmm...)
I did pick up a few 'BIG KID' or Grown-Up type things while I was out saling too...

(NEW) mini Hand sifter (am I the only one who still sifts when baking?), mixing bowl, vintage jar, Bath & Body Lotion, 2 'RABBIT' wine stoppers, funky prism/crystal, MoMA(Museum of Mod Art) Bag...  (total $1.50)

VERA 2013 #15 ($1) VERAsheer

Hope everyone makes the !FUN! happen in their lives this weekend


Robin K. said...

Nope! Not even a bright, funky wall hanging would make me want to be living in a dorm again- Heh! Heh!

Jay said...

LOVE the sifter - you're not the only one, it totally makes a difference, and makes the buttercream!