Sunday, May 5, 2013

...sticks! and stones! and fish bones?

Don't mean to brag, but this doesn't happen often ~
WE (as in 'UPSTATE NY') have been having B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. weather lately!!
 J & I decided it was FINALLY time to take my Christmas Gift (Sherlock) out on his Maiden Voyage - destination: a yet unopened State park on a neighboring FingerLake.  You see I didn't even know I wanted Sherlock until I opened this large present Christmas Morning to discover... a Metal Detector!!  Now, I have SOOO much to learn about him!!  Let's leave it to say, that all Sherlock helped me discover on our first date were 3 metal can pull-tabs and one rusted out can bottom...
My tote bag was NOT empty when we left the park... after a Picnic Snack in the sun, we packed up Sherlock and just did a little beach combing the way we know best B-)...   
Lovely lake stones washed smooth....

In additional to the usual search for seaglass, I was also searching out driftwood and flat stones for a couple of other 'projects' I had in mind...

STONES - eh - MUCH  better BEFORE I got my hands on them, oh well, I can always flip them over!


more Love.

and then of course there is seaglass drying on my counter.  Came out this morning and the prism that sits on my windowsill was reflecting perfectly onto the white pieces.



Shara said...

Love the driftwood art! You and I would get along so well - walking the beach (or the lake here) and looking for STUFF. Every time we go, The Bean finds a long walking stick and brings it home. I think he must have about forty of them now. I wish we we would have written the date and where he got it when he started doing it though.

I have a metal detector but the only thing I have ever found is pop tabs and about a dollar in change. Our neighbor lost his wedding ring last summer while he was mowing and never found it. Now he has moved so I need to go FIND IT!

Robin K. said...

I am just grinning after reading this post Sue!!! Every year when the Sear's wish book was delivered to our house a metal detector made the top ten on my Christmas list to "Santa". Of course "Santa" never brought one and to this day I still bring up this fact to my family at Christmastime!!