Monday, June 10, 2013 the Universe trying to tell me something??

 The majority of this past Saturday's 'loot' consisted of this...
and the week before I score a L*A*R*G*E box of this!
'Somebody' better brush up on their "cast-of-characters" and get listing in their ETSY store P.D.Q. !!


Shara said...

Great stuff! I'm sending my friend EM over to help you with them. He's a pro!

EM said...

And here I am! As a collector and seller of religious stuff, I am in awe of your awesome haul.

Here's some help:

Any Jesus that has the flaming heart is called the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

A Mary with the heart showing is the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Both of those are very popular.

The kid wit the crown and globe is the Sacred Infant Jesus of Prague, usually refered to as the Infant of Prague or IOP. The ones with the robes and such are more sought after.

In your top pic, the dude with the little kid is St Joseph with Jesus. The lady with the little girl is St Anne with Mary as a child. St Anne is Mary's mother.

Mary without the heart showing and the arms pointing downward is called Our Lady of Grace

In your bottom pic, the guy in purple in the lower corner is St Joseph the Worker. The dude in the priest vestments is St John Vianney, also called the Cure of Ars. He's French and the patron saint of parish priests.

Also in the bottom pic, you have a Mary with praying hands. That thing around her neck is a chaplet, not a rosary. Chaplets are smaller. I could tell you which chaplet (there are several) if I had a good pic of the little medal.

Also, you have a menorah, which is totally cool because menorahs rock!

if you need anything else, just email me!

Shara said...

Dude, guy, kid. I love his descriptions!

Rob and Monica said...

Your day seems divine! (Rob)