Tuesday, May 21, 2013

...taking a moment.

 I had a L-O-N-G (ER) post, full of 'treasures'! and journeys! and garden adventures! from this past weekend all ready to share, but in light of what has happened in Oklahoma... I guess that it all kind of puts things into perspective ~ sorry if this post is a little 'lack-luster'.
LOTs of weekend treasures (for a change!) - ranging from the USEFUL (a few small wallets/change purses - including a Fossil .25¢  and a selection of Hallmark/BlueRidge NEW Greeting Cards selected from a HUGE assortment - 4/$1.00) 

Some 'crafty supplies' - probably headed for an ETSY store near you - aren't the mini dominoes adorable? (The larger ones are regular size, and they are all made of some sort of old glass-type material?!)

Of Course. Some 'Bling' for me.

and some 'Bling' purchased just for the chains/cords to use on my wire wrapped pendants!

and what would saling be without ~

VERA 2013 #13 $1.00

VERA 2013#14 .50¢

 but what's this 'BUTT UGLY bouquet of flowers?' you ask?
J found it at a sale.
VERY proud of himself.
I was kinda smitten too. B-)

ROYAL HAEGER 2013 #2 $2
Knowing that we had her little sister sitting home on the Dining Room buffet!

...then the rest of the weekend was spent
taming the wildness that has become our gardens!
(GOOD-BYE Old Tree Stump!!)

...now I just reflect on how 'silly' all of this 'stuff/junk' is in comparison to what is truly important in this life.


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

L-O-V-E those sugared bells in the original Woolworth's packaging!

Shara said...

Yea, but we have to go on with our lives and be ourselves. That doesn't mean our hearts aren't breaking. I understand. I really do.

Rob and Monica said...

Our thoughts are with those in Oklahoma.
Nonetheless, it looks like you had a great weekend of finds! The first thing that I noticed was the face on the tree. Love it! Is that at your house? (Rob)

Robin K. said...

I completely agree with Shara above. And if there is any silver lining in tragedies such as these it's that it forces all of us to put things in perspective.