Wednesday, May 15, 2013

...Bluejays of The Pines

I've been doing a little last minute 'Deep Spring Cleaning' before the impending June garage sale.  The latest attack has been on the depths of my attic Studio / Storage! 
I am proud to say that I have emptied FIFTEEN FEET of shelf space!!

Yes, this was a DIFFICULT purge... but I have cleared out MY FIRST TWO COLLECTIONS!

Do YOU remember your first collection(s)?? 
 In 3rd grade I started reading the TRIXIE BELDEN Mystery book series. Ahhhh... The Bobwhites of The Glen!   Anybody remember them? I was hooked! I couldn't get enough! Devoured them!  I think that I was only given 3 or 4 new for birthday or Xmas presents - but my girlfriends and I swapped, I borrowed them from the library, found them at garage sales...  and for the last 37yrs they have survived several moves, and finally resided once again in a prominent spot ~ next to NANCY DREW! (who's series I adored and fawned over 'almost' as much!! ...and was also purged...)
 Like I said, there was a 'group' of us who adored these mystery books!  I remember 7 of us even formed our own version of the 'BOBWHITES', except we called ourselves 'The Bluejays'.  We didn't have the luxury of a fancy Cottage for our clubhouse, just an old fort in the Pines.  We always tried to dream up 'mysteries' ~ but there never really were any...  We did have some fun Penny Carnivals though to raise money for UNICEF - does that count?!  OHHhhh, the memories...... (thanks for letting me reminisce here!) 
 Through the years, I kept collecting these books - the 1950's series, 1960's series, 1970's series...  The artwork changes, the content stays the same.  AMAZING that some books can be so timeless that they can appeal to 'youth' for such a long span of time!
NOW, with a bit of heavy heart, but with much FREE SPACE 8-), they are on the auction block!! You can go check some out HERE if you know a little one that might like some summertime reading!!
(okay, so maybe I haven't parted with my 'FAN CLUB FOLDER' - complete with membership card and Bookmark - just yet! steps...)


Rob and Monica said...

Wow! 15 feet of free shelf space? What is that? ha ha!
It must have been so tough to make the decision to get rid of those books! Good luck with the auction! (Rob)

Shara said...

I liked Trixie Belden too, but I really only read a few of them. My favorite was the Bobbsey Twins and, yes, I still have my entire childhood set. But, NO, they won't be hitting the auction block. I just can't do it! One thiing is that the old books have the Southern Slave dialect in them and they took that out of the newer copies. For the record, I did sell my entire collection of hankies. But, that didn't clear out much space.

Robin K. said...

What?! I had no idea there was a Trixie Belden fan club!!! I feel your pain- I had a tough time parting with my collection of Tiger Beat mags featuring Sean Cassidy and Leif Garrett. Did I ever mention at one time I owned over 200 pics of Leif???

acorn hollow said...

I never read trixie I read Nancy Drew. It is hard to part with collections I am sure they will get a good home and someone else will read them. Good for you cleaning out never easy.