Wednesday, July 28, 2010

..."I need more Haeger."...

DH:"... and by this (pause) you would mean... (very confused look)...???"
This was the conversation that resulted last night at our house after I FINALLY finished hanging the first of what I think will be several plate racks to display portions of our Royal Haeger Ashtrays (different racks for different glazes)!
( After consistantly seeing the metal plate racks all Spring at Sales, I got the brainstorm that they would be a fun way to do groupings of our ever-impossible to display Haeger ashtrays!)
My first attempt last night was to incorporate some of my favorite atomic shaped Mandarin Orange glaze on a 4-plate rack. THAT is when I came to a disturbing realization... As you can see from the photo ~ ONE doesn't belong (one is 'orange')! I ONLY have THREE Mandarin Orange glaze Atomic shaped Royal Haeger ashtrays... (for anyone who possibly cares- 'Mandarin' is 'orange' with a red spatter treatment over it... 1967-68, and one of my fav's!).


Vintage Christine said...

That looks SO COOL!!! I'm going to find u one if it kills me!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You do need more Haeger!!! Oh no! Still I like how you displayed this!

Shara said...

You do! You really, really DO!!!!