Tuesday, July 27, 2010

...Dear 17 yr. old S-...

('77 Chevy Malibu was this 17 yr. old trusty means of transport!!)
Dear 17 year old S-
PLEASE don't fret so about that horrendous Mauve Atrocity of a Gown that your Mother has picked out for you for your Senior Ball on May 15, 1985. You will NEVER have to wear it!! (and that night will be one that you will remember for the rest of your life - fondly!)
Love, 42 year old S-

It seems that 'letters to a younger self' are a recent rage on blogs - HULA SEVENTY (scroll down to JUNE 27 post) and FABOOLOSITY are just a couple that I can think of off the top of my head that have touched on the subject lately, though, I KNOW I have seen a bunch more! This is a concept that Richard Bach actually explored many, many moons ago when he first wrote about trying to leave 'signs' to his 'younger self'. Something, that I've always found very intriguing.

I've been thinking about what I would want to say to a 17 yr old me, but I really wouldn't want to change anything major! All the struggle - the heart break, the failed/retaken college calculus & fortran classes, the rejected job resumes... these have all ultimately made me who I am today - and I have to admit that I am at a pretty darn happy & content place in my life right now 8-)!

Then, the other night I was cleaning out an old trunk of TRUE JUNK, and I came across an unopened package... THE 'Mauve Atrocity'! Picture it folks... The Year: 1985... Full Length... Ruffles... The Works. Oh yeh. GAG. Dress shopping with Mom... Only girl after three boys... had never been to a dance.... now I am going to THE Senior Ball.... NOT my kind of thing at all - but Mom had been dreaming of this forEVER!... I couldn't even begin to tell you how many shops we went to... Mom & I have completely different taste in EVERYTHING!... add to this that it had to be a tall size... I finally gave in on a 'Mom's choice' just to be DONE with it... the shoppe had a new one mailed to us as the 'floor model' had stains... it arrived... two weeks before the Ball boyfriend of 9mo breaks it off with me... no Ball for S-... dress has remained unopened in package for 25 years! I'm thinking Halloween costume one of these years!!

Oh well, my youngest older brother (#3, 6yrs older) took pity. He and his fiance' took me for a night of serious partying (the likes of which this 16 yr old will never forget!!) in Rochester. The Lilac Festival was going on... Let's just leave it at... it was out of control! As for the date that dumped me... we are still friends, and he still feels WAY horrible about the whole thing. Do I have any regrets - NOT a ONE! Mom got to do her 'dress shopping thing'. (which I circumvented when it came time for my wedding by wearing her 50yr old wedding gown!! I WAS NOT going through the Dress Thing EVER AGAIN!!) and I didn't have to wear the Mauve Atrocity- so all's well that ends well!

I do wish I could find signs from the 80 yr old me...


Shara said...

You have such a good outlook on life, S. That's what I admire about you. Me, on the other hand? I'd like a do-over on my 17 year old self. I would have let my hair down, had a lot more fun (I could have used a night in Rochester) and lived life up a bit more. I just hope I'm not still saying these things when I am 80!

And, I'm afraid that I will need to see some photos of that dress!

acorn hollow said...

I love the idea of a letter to your younger self. I have to think about that would I change anything?? A few things But would I end up here? Not such a bad place to end up. My favorite movie is "it's a wonderful life" Oh to be given that great gift.