Sunday, July 18, 2010

Friday morning I usually have my best saling...
NOT SO this week! ...or many weeks lately!! This sweet little candle climbing duo at a whopping .50¢ is ALL that I netted after E.I.G.H.T. yard/garage sales!! People are always amazed at all of the GREAT finds we come away with from sales ~ I guess that is because we tend to try to forget all of 'the frogs we have kissed' along the way!!!

That's okay. I had a 'Curbstone Festival' to attend! (glorified sidewalk sale in a quaint neighboring town on a beautiful lake!) I usually get a good head-start on my Christmas Shopping at their quality clothing stores, interesting housewares shoppes and abundant Christmas boutiques, but this year... on a gorgeous Friday... I bought... A BOTTLE OF WATER (yeh, all that shopping made me thirsty.)

So, I stopped into a little basement thrift to cool down and revive for a few minutes before venturing on. What did I lay my eyes upon?

Can you read that signature?

I have NEVER seen an enamel pot so freakin' adorable before!! It is a smaller size, in absolutely pristine condition... FIRST purchase of the day 8-). Feeling better, I headed back out. To continue shopping... Again, NOTHING, until I came to a fun corner shop with vintage jewelry...

2010 #12 & #13
Okay. Time to call it quits for Friday!
Saturday had me up Brite & Early to head to a massive Church Rummage Sale, which never disappoints - if not for 'stuff', for 'people watching' !! This year was no exception. This is one event that DH even attends with me (bribed with breakfast - Of Course!).

This is what $5 and some change netted us... (3) vintage TV trays; Caption stickers; Orange LeCreuset Pitcher; (2) self-watering Plant thingies; large bag of Italian flag toothpicks for crafting; (3) Yankee Candles; (2) batterie op votives; Rainforest Hawaii mug; new sheets felt; misc. cookie cutters; AND...

...this box of glass ornaments - three of them are brand new, but that's okay, because that little vintage West Germany Figural Clown more than makes up for the $1 I spent on the box!! How can all you CLOWN HATERS out there not like something as sweet as that???!?!!
After I had my 'stuff-fix', I gave DH the options from my previous post or to put it in his terms 'So my options are either "A". go buy expensive pottery that looks like it's been painted by a 3 year old or "B". go to an all you can eat pancake breakfast and then go explore an old stone mill?'.
I guess it's pretty obvious which we chose! (SORRY, no photos - I did take my camera, just forgot to put the batteries in it!!!! DH took some shots on his phone, so maybe another day I will show a picture of the mill!)
I'm glad we did.
It was a lovely day to be away from crowds and in a relaxed setting.
...and did I mention they had a flea-market?
VERA 2010 #19 & #20
Now, I'm off to list some goodies on e-bay. Shara has me inspired with some of her stories of great prosper of late, and my Eva Zeisel is doing quite nicely 8-)


Toronto Yardsaler said...

Awesome finds. I can't believe how cheap everything was. Love those rummage sales.
Hope you're well,

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Love your finds! Hope you do well on your EBay sale!

Shara said...

Fun stuff and a fun day - it can't get any better than that! Good luck on ebay. Summer is not typically the best time to sell, but I have done alright lately. I'm down to one silly auction of a Serta Sheep - I need to find some more stuff to list today. Once I stop, I have a hard time getting motivated again. Send me you link when you get stuff listed - I'd love to see it!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, you had great success!! I'd love to check-out your ebay listings, too. Do you have a link or user id info?