Sunday, July 25, 2010

...maybe, just maybe, nope!....

I keep thinking that if I just stick with it...
That I AM going to get it figured out!
That I WILL get it down to a science!
... but each year this 50 mile GARAGE SALE is just plain Frustrating !
(and at the end of the day, I tell myself 'I'm just NOT going to bother another year', but of course I ALWAYS do!!)
We were out of the house at 6:44 am (we live about 30 minutes from either end of the Route, and HAD to allow time for a QUICK diner B-fast!!)... I like stopping in towns so that we can do more walking without the constant parking and reparking. In the first town, after breakfast, we stopped at a 'HUGE' church yard sale and I scored a VERA scarf (2010 #21), ECHO scarf and a pair of screw back earring that match a sweater clip I bought last week - all for a $1 .

Many... many... many... many... many... many.. many... many... (getting the idea that it was a pretty BLAH day of saling??) stops later in another small town (?) I did stumble upon a lady with a case of jewelry, and after MUCH digging and untangling I managed to pull out a few fun pieces - don't know that they were really $1 ea. worth of 'fun', but at this point, they came home with me - and I was happy with the sweater clip (2010 #14).

There are a few stops along the Route that seem to NEVER fail, and I make a point of stopping at. One house in particular. It sits alone. LOVELY, shaded gardens. Has an 'actual' Garage out back with stuff in it for sale (what a novel concept for a 'Garage Sale'!). They are just home owners, who purge 'junk' (albeit 'cool' junk) every year! The highlights of their sale this year were TONS of Off-beat clothes (not my size...), $1.50 pots of Butterfly Bushes (I bought 2!), funky jewelry (which I forgot to photo!), and hankies/scarves 10¢ea! They had T.O.N.S of other stuff, but those were the main things that took my eye..

Look at this VERA scarf (2010 #22) I found there - have you ever seen anything like it???

I also picked up this Micro-mosaic cross for $1. to join this pin that I found last week for .10¢

Thee B.E.S.T. find of the day?

Royal Haeger cigarette box.
(2010 #19)
DH found it actually. His one and ONLY purchase of the entire day. Yes, he was quite proud of himself!!

We didn't do the FULL 50 miles - only 45 miles. We got home at 4:18 pm absolutely BEAT!! It was one LONG DAY!! I don't like ((RUSHING)) when I'm saling (which is what you have to do if you are going to get all 50 miles in and get to the GOOD stuff before other people!!). Why do these people start closing up their sales at noon?? Good Grief Folks!!!! Just how much can I rush through in 4 hours??? (3hrs when some of you don't even open up until 9am!) ARGH!

I guess it was a Good day. We did end up with a Tri-fecta, and we had a lot of fun together. I got to go to a place I had never eaten for lunch, and looking back and I come home with some good STUFF!

Now, after a day of COMPLETE PLAY, the zucchini from the garden would like to be made into something yummy and the herbs that I have had drying would like to be bottled, so time to be productive!



Linda @ A La Carte said...

Lots of work a long yard sale but you did get some very cool stuff. Love all the Vera scarfs and that Haeger!

Shara said...

I'm amazed that you can alomost always find a Vera and a sweater clip everytime you head out to sales. That is great!

Bargains Galore on 64 is coming soon here. It's 164 miles of yard sales and I want to go SO BADLY! Not sure if I will make it, but it sounds like so much fun. You are lucky to have a DH that enjoys the hunt with you.

Vintage Christine said...

What? No stickpins?!!!! They are getting so hard to find these days plus this is just not the right area for sweater clips. Boy do I love that cigarette box-- I need one to go with all the ashtrays I keep getting. My DH would never ever go with me on a ONE mile garage sale much less a fifty mile one!

Heidi said...

That funky Vera has me puzzled. There's got to be some reason why it's notched like that, but why on earth? Hmmm. I'm going to be thinking of that for a while.

I am always AMAZED at how many sweater clips you find. I never see them. Ever!

svelteSTUFF said...

Ladies~ You are giving DH a 'bit' too much credit! I didn't say HE exactly 'enjoyed' it!! Usually spends most of his time at individual stops just playing the part of the 'get-away-driver'... "Uhhh, I'll wait here.". OH, and that look I get when I start going through a pile of scarves!!!!! (makes me wish I had just left him at home!). I do think somewhere deep down he is a closet 'junker', just waiting to 'Come-Out' ;)
Christine- I don't HAVE to show 'Everything' on MY blog! 8-)
Shara- On a similar note, wait until I can show YOU what I picked up on Friday!!!! (sorry... I won't be able to show you until after next weekend!)
Heidi- PLEASE let me know if you figure out the Mystery of the Scarf Design.
Linda- Love your comments as always!

barbara said...

I have those same mixed feelings about Route 90, and I usually don't go - this year I drove straight through the intersection on Route 20 on my way west, but I did wonder what I was missing!