Saturday, July 3, 2010

...FOUR for The 4th!...

Just returned from our annual FOUR state (NY...VT...NH...ME) journey to the coast...
For several days we stayed in the heart of NH. While DH photographed those silly cars going around and around in circles (aka NASCAR), I mapquested a garage sale route and set out on foot with my trusty plarn bag in tow to conquer the lovely town of Concord.
My top FOUR saling finds include a set of six stemmed depression cordial glasses, a hand-made beaded necklace (which came complete with the background story!! - all for .50¢), VERA scarf ($1., 2010 #18), HAEGER ($1., 2010 #18)
Anyone who is trying to cut back on their saling purchases should start walking to sales! It is a definite motivator when it comes to that final decision as to whether you should buy something or not!! - YOU HAVE TO CARRY IT all the way back to wherever you have walked from!!! On this particular Saturday morning, my furthest point was about 3mi. from our hotel room (+PLUS+ all the zig-zagging along the way to hit sales on miscellaneous side streets!!). It is an awesome way to see a city though!

The down side of walking, is that you REALLY have to M.O.V.E. it, to hit as many sales as you would like to before they start to close. I found that since it was such a hot day, a LOT of them had closed early and just put all of their stuff out by the curb with a big FREE sign on it... (hey, I had walked all this way, I wasn't going to be put off!) Top FOUR free finds... Woodpecker lawn/tree decoy, GEORGES BRIARD hot plate, 4 B/W cloth table runner, NIB Cookie Press w/Cookie Cookbook, bags & bags of STERLING and cool jewelry (okay, so maybe that's more than 'FOUR'...)

From NH it was off to the Maine coast.... ~sigh~ 8-)

(Sorry... no 'saling' or 'stuff' photos! Hope this will suffice...)
We were up at FOUR am with the Fishermen to walk on the beach, watch the sunrise and pick up sand dollars.

to many things making my 'happy list', but here are 'FOUR' (in no particular order!!)
Happy Mail awaiting me - THANKS Chris!
Sweater Clip 2010 #11

Putting the 'new' copper waterer in our garden and testing it. Yes, I did buy that at a sale in NH (so you KNOW how badly I wanted it if I was willing to carry it!!) The next time you need a good laugh - conjur the image of this 5' copper sprinkler with a 4' hose attached being carried down the city streets by a 'bag lady' on mission - what a site I must have been!!!!

Lettuce is full grown and YUMMY!! Squash is in blossom too!

The birds left some berries for me - OH, does it get much better?!

Holiday weekends in our area don't usually yield too many sales, but Friday morning I did spot a couple, and this is what FOUR quarters got me...

50's metal shelf, white HAEGER pot w/ sticker (.25¢, 2010 #19) and an atomic pottery ashtray.



Shara said...

What a gorgeous trip you took! I'd take a yard sale over those silly cars any day too. I've been loking at three wheeled bikes to do my local yard sales. I think it would be fun adn they have TWO big baskets for STUFF.

Welcome HOME!

Vintage Christine said...

Happy day to you!!!!