Tuesday, March 18, 2008

...out with the new

...and in with the old! As many of you have seen in my previous posts, my Green/brown MacKenzie-Childs pedestal cake plate is the center of most of my baking endeavors. Circa 2002, bought 'new' at one of their yearly barn sales, it is one of my few MK-C pieces. DH hates the stuff, and particularly hated the green/brown in our Red/black kitchen. He has been after me for ages to 'replace it'. At antique shops I would always point out $$$$chrome/glass pedestal$$$$ cake plates and tell him that if he wanted to buy me one of those, we could get rid of the MK-C! This morning I walked into the Salvation Army, and there it was - $5.99 . I don't think it's VERY OLD, but it is in very nice condition! The MK-C is just on 'vacation' until I 'bond' with this shiny one with the HEAVY glass cover!

Here are a few of my weekend finds... The Rummage Sale Sat. morning was kind of beat, but I did drag one of my fellow kronies up at the crack of dawn to go to 'The Market' with me, and we found LOTS of goodies...

Can you tell that I am anxiously awaiting warmer weather and yearning for flowers??
(3) 1930's Magazines with cheery covers, SYROCO wallhanging flower basket, (2) floral hankies, Retro floral mug and Flower Power Pin.

Red silk scarves, crochet doilies and an older tin (Crisco?) - my Grandmother used to have one like this in her cupboard that she kept popcorn in!!

Mushrooms! Couch/recliner arm caddy, necklace and pendant/keychain.

Some things that just made me smile... Old tin plate with blue puppy, Canadian Pottery MONTREAL 'Easter Duck', Lemon/Lime Pyrex dish, Chartreuse ribbon with white polka dots, tall/skinny hot pink shade (maybe with a border of the ribbon?!), l-o-n-g Italy 'belt' scarf and a little plastic thatched roof hut with palm trees Letter/napkin holder!

Last... but FAR from least... a .75c Art Pottery Vase - looks like Haeger, but it is unsigned and I can't positively I.D. . Really doesn't matter - I like it. AND Four (4!) matching VERA napkins!!!

'New to me' Cake plate displaying some Easter 'sprinkles'.

Okay... so maybe it's starting to grow on me !! 8-)

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Shara said...

Love the cake plate. I am on the hunt for one. I'd love to find a pink milkglass one at a sale. For a quarter. Yeah, that's the ticket.

That pottery piece is great. I have a couple shaped differently from that one, but with the same glaze.

Happy Easter!