Sunday, March 9, 2008

...Popsicle Toes

No, I'm not Irish, but I do love the accent and Jameson Whiskey and I HAVE kissed the Blarney Stone...
I sorted my snail-mail from last week and found coupons for Fashion Bug - $10 Off any purchase of $10 or more!! So off I went... to see what my $10 would get me...
~Background info: Being a NE girl all of my life, socks are a 'must have' part of my wardrobe!! Everyone has always made fun of me because I tend to be particularly anal about MY socks... a whole drawer just for them, folded neatly (NO folding the tops over - that kills the elastic top!!), arrange by color... and Holiday. Yes, I confess I DO wear Holiday socks... for the ENTIRE month of the Holiday. Halloween I have almost enough for a different pair each day, Christmas I can do about two weeks without repeat, Easter I only have a couple of days and until now Valentines and St. Pats were non existent ! I DO HAVE STANDARDS for my Holiday socks - the main criteria being that they must extend up past my ankles - none of these Peds/Keds things that barely cover your heels - I'm in the NE - I wear socks 'cause it's cold!! ~
So anyways, you guessed it. I scored St. Pat's socks - YIPPEE!! Yes, I did get a few other things along with the socks for my $10 - but they pale in comparison, so I didn't bother to photo!!While I was out doing my Fash. Bug shopping, I had to go get a 'FIX' at the thrift, and guess what was waiting for me...... .99c VERA!!

Before we left on vacation, we were out to dinner and they had 'Live Entertainment'. The guy was singing this song that had a verse that sounded something like 'popsicle toes'...??? I came home and checked it out - VOILA! Here is a link to a video (I don't know how to post videos directly to my blog yet, but this will do!) POPSICLE TOES - not by original artist, but you will get the jazzy/blues feel!

During our vacation I missed the sunscreen on a couple of spots on the top of my feet ('It's all fun and games until somebody burns their feet.') - now, just 4 days later I have Popsicle toes AGAIN, and I'm out buying SOCKS!


Shara said...

You're back! I missed you! Lucky duck to see the sun and ocean in the icky winter. I went to Hawaii in the middle of a blizzard one time. I laughed all the way to the airport. ;o)

When The Bean was little, he refused to wear socks and his feet would be little popsicles. I could not get him to wear socks. Then, one day, he spotted my Santa socks and put them on. From that day on, he would only wear holiday socks. And, that meant all the time - Pumpkins in July, Hearts in Spetember, Snowmen in April, you get the drift. Luckily he outgrew that phase before the boys made fun at him at school.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you definitely have to learn to knit your own socks! There are very good internet tutorials.

Right now, I have on-the-needles:

'chocolate raspberry' socks for teen daughter
striped socks for teen daughter
'mystic lake' socks for me

Some of the favorites I've made are
'Tuscany' socks for teen daughter
'Monsoon' socks for teen daughter
'Turquoise stripe' socks for pre-teen daughter
'Handpaint' socks for me
'Puppy love' socks for teen daughter

How can you resist, when sock yarns come in names and colors like 'chocolate raspberry', 'Puck's Mischief', and 'firestorm' ?