Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Maybe it is a personal 'attention deficit'..
but it seems, lately, that all it takes are (three)(little)(words) to send my world into chaos!!


 resulting in ...
~a reworking of our booth, plus a 'sale' to try to clear out some space for the impending Holidays!!
~ a mad-dash to stock up Ebay & ETSY with a hoard of text/education-type books that I am finally willing to 'let go'.


Those are words that have resulted in 
~the 'rescuing' of MANY a project!
~and the onslaught of MANY 'Bucket List' items that need to be checked off beforeWinter!!
*'Great Bones' lampshade rescued from Dumpster; A metal box of drawers - After it's facelift (Prior to paint & cleaning, it looked like a mini version of one that SHARA picked up recently!); and the 'infamous' Piano Stool from our previous post.


Saturday's HAUL...SEVEN Rosaries, 2 vintage Walking Canes,  plastic grapes, adv. Swizzle Stix, mini pottery Ducks, Orange Glass Shot glass, Minnie Keyring, BetsyRoss (?) utensil holder, Yellow, Concrete Bird, Books-Star Wars & Hawaiian Pineapple, HARDEN furniture cutting board, Brass Pineapple bookends, Word Search books, (9) shirts, copper measuring spoons, and a FREE 9/15 GLAMOUR magazine 

Went to a Rummage Sale Saturday morning.  JUST!ONE!, then it was back home to WORK!!!.  While sifting through things I overheard a couple of ladies talking - "OH!, have you been over to XYZ Street?  EVERYTHING is HALF off!"
So, OF COURSE I had to go check it out.
Enroute I stumbled upon an Estate Sale "EVERYTHING 1/2 PRICE!"
So, OF COURSE I had to check it out.
Then I proceeded one street further to find the "Original" 1/2 price Sale.
...and find it I did!

High-end Golf shirts & Jackets =3/$1...  OK!

At the first Rummage Sale, I must have been channeling my 'inner EDDIE' (*for anyone 'not-in-the-know', 'Eddie' is Bloglands Go-to-Afficionado for all-religious!)

S.E.V.E.N (7!)  Rosaries

Including one that I've never seen before with a SKULL and CROSSBONES on the bottom of the front of the cross!!  EDDIE?? Any Help Here?

and last, but not least


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Shara said...

You've been busy, busy, busy! Send J on over to spray paint some stuff for me. I could use the help! :)