Monday, August 3, 2015

...and The Bucket List is a 'bit' lighter!

...3,000 miles...10 days...5 states...2 countries!

I haven't been to Canada in about 10yrs. , and now in the last month I have been there twice!!
'Nova Scotia' and 'New Brunswick' have been staples of my Bucket List for years - NO LONGER!

...and I am 'single-handedly' trying to bring back 'The Hat'!

Who else would be soo amused by the Bathroom Signage?

"Who is that Crazy Lady in the Hat, taking pictures of the Men's Bathroom??" !!

Now we are back home, and trying to get 'in-the-swing-of-things' again!

Saling... charm bracelets, Vera Bradley Bags, old Crisco canister (we collect them in different colors), misc. jewelry, Fossil watch, sqwish toy, mink Poodle pin, Dr. Seuss birthday figure, ..and S's keys?!?
Did you see that - TWO sweaterclips (one is even a signed LISNER, on original card!

AND a Great FirePlace screen!!  Bought with the 'intension' of taking to the shop to sell, but we better get it there quick, 'cause jewelry display images are dancing in our heads!!!
It is hard to tell from this horrible photo, but we also picked up a GLITTER CROW w/ a lime green tummy!!

Taking advantage of our Wonderful 'at-home' weather, A photo shoot has been in progress in our yard... 

Wouldn't these be sweet 'mannequins' for a Fall Craft show,
Do you know of anybody who makes Build-a-Bear / Am Girl Doll clothers for resale??

THAT's all for now...
and remember:


Shara said...

I've never had a beer or a lobster. Enough said. :) Glad you were able to knock some things off your bucket list!!!! The Build a Bears used to be good sellers on ebay. But, I haven't looked lately. LOVE the photo of your keys. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I lived in New England for a few years and had a few good! Bucket lists are fun and even better when you get a chance to knock off a few of them!